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15 Essential Online Marketing Resources

As an online marketer, you need to constantly stay updated with the best trends. You have to market your products intelligently, attract new visitors and ultimately turn these visitors into faithful customers. Check out these 15 free online resources that will help you push your online business in the right direction and enjoy a stable and great presence on the market:

Marketing Profs

By joining this platform, you will have access to hundreds of great online courses in marketing and to plenty of informational/educational articles. The courses are offered in the live conference form, and you are also welcome to join podcasts or read SlideShare presentations on almost any marketing related subject.


This web portal is highly popular for its user friendliness and step by step approach to marketing related issues. Here, you will get instant access to a wide range of graphics and charts created by top experts in the field. These charts display marketing related data, news and trends from all over the world. Great for people who want to adapt marketing strategies to local trends of a specific geographic region in the world.


This website actually ‘crawls” all trending marketing topics from important social media apps such as Twitter, Facebook and notable blogs. You can easily find what’s trending in your specific area, by performing a localized search to see the trends and popular marketing strategies that you can apply as well. Learn what are the best subjects related to your industry, and start posting interesting content to attract users, subscribers, and clients to your business.

Hubspot’s Blog

HubSpot is a portal which has proved an essential tool for marketers from all around the world. Here, you can access several inbound marketing tools and expert advice on how to successfully increase traffic to your website or eShop. The blog also successfully implements a brand new feature helping customers to increase their sales through the best marketing strategies.

Read important case studies, or check out all the types of integrated Blogging, CMS, SEO, Social and call-to-action tools that will help you take your business to the next level.


Papersgear is yet another essential tool for the busy entrepreneur. The platform will help you achieve all your SEO needs and requirements through original, interesting and efficient content. Marketers from all over the world invest in the best content writing solutions in order to achieve their marketing goals. Top writers in their fields complete specialized articles, graphics, statistics, or website content to help you increase your traffic, and ultimately skyrocket your profits. The writers have important academic backgrounds being true experts in their field. They undertake writing on all possible topics and levels of difficulty. By investing in this strategy, you will be able to increase the number of your subscriptions and the share rate.

Heidi Cohen’s Blog

The personal website of Heidi Cohen is a great resource for beginners in the world of online marketing. The author focuses on offering the best guidelines, tips & tricks and strategies on how to implement successfully campaigns in social media, mobile marketing, content marketing and branding solutions.

B2C-Business to Community

This is a large community where marketers join to share their experience, their best working strategies and success stories. By joining the platform, you will get an insight into today’s best kept marketing secrets and trends so that you can enjoy the growth you are looking for.


This platform analyzes mostly the tech inclined aspects of successful marketing. ReadWrite puts at your disposal a wide spectrum of news, success stories, tips & tricks, strategies that should be implemented from all important marketing related areas. These include- the cloud, best business tools, web stories, hacks news, mobile marketing solutions and more.

Marketo’s Blog

The platform offers a combination of both traditional and modern best marketing strategies. You can read here about how to implement a well working email marketing campaign, but also about the most complex marketing automation tools. If nothing good comes into your mind for writing your new content, Marketo might be the best place to visit to draw your inspiration from.

Dan Zarella’s Blog

This is the personal blog of Dan Zarella, the mastermind behind HubSpot. Marketers from all over join the blog and follow every little piece of important information offered here. The author does not update his pages every day, but you can check back at regular intervals for fresh and crispy news and strategies in today’s competitive online marketing sphere.


This platform is the best tool for Google tools aficionados. The master mind behind JeffaLytics is actually the person who designed the Periodic Table of Google Analytics. Here, you can access rich and educational resources on SEO Beginners Guides, Google Analytics Custom Dashboards or Google Analytics Customization strategies.

Social Media Today

The platform is dedicated to bringing together PR people, advertising & marketing specialists, etc. It would be a very wise step to join the portal and check out what some experts are discussing relating to the best strategies that need to be implemented, what’s new on the market, or what strategies to avoid so as not to ruin your online presence/business.

Marketing Sherpa

MarketingSherpa is your starting point if you want to find out news, trends & best tools from every aspect of marketing. The owners regularly post news, articles, newsletters, graphics and statistics from the world of marketing. You can read about everything that interests you from email marketing and up to the best creative content strategies implementations.


A website with a great tradition in its field, Mashable is yet another important resource for today’s online marketer. Some of the main topics covered across the platform include Social Media, Tech, Entertainment, Lifestyle, or World. You can find extremely interesting and educational content posted in each section on regular basis.

KISSMetrics’ Blog

The website invites marketers to check out a huge collection of webinars, guides and info graphics on all aspects of marketing. They have a very rich content section where you can check out interesting articles such as ‘How the Right Analytics Can Strengthen Customer Engagement’, ‘How to Use a Giveaway to Accelerate the Growth of your Email List’ or ‘How to Squeeze Every Drop of Valuable Visitor Data from your Forms’.

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