Making Or Breaking Your Brand’s Identity: Top Expert Tips For The Perfect Logo Design

When it comes to perfecting your brand’s identity, it does not take a lot to impress. A captivating logo design is sometimes all you need to make the right first impression and have people running in your direction.

Remember, that’s the first thing that people will notice so you’ve got to make it unique and memorable. That's why the Adobe team has compiled a list of top tips, straight from the experts.

With a clear-cut insider’s view, you can now curate something magical. This is after 285 experts from the graphic design business were interviewed to see what it is that’s necessary for a great logo design.

Every creative decision goes beyond a single element. We’re talking about color psychology, the best fonts, and even some of the seamless manners by which things flow together.

Today, big names like McDonald’s, Shell, and Apple have some iconic logos. But change is not always preferred as can be seen with Elon Musk’s X app. So yes, there’s a lot to think about at the end of the day.

Iconic doesn’t mean over-the-top

Let’s begin with iconic designs. In today’s modern world, iconic symbols hold power as they give rise to creative talent. When we say iconic, we don’t say over the top. Instead, we say simple, classic, and oh so timeless. Not only are they standing out in a crowd but they manage to deliver the right message for the brand.
In the tech world, it’s Apple who reigned supreme over Android any day. The bitten apple was more unique than a robot in green. In the world of automobiles, Mercedes Benz and Volkswagon reigned supreme with both Gen Z and Millennials. They both have symbols that stand out in a crowd full of people. And some adore that.

Simplicity goes a long way

The next element worth mentioning for great logo design is simplicity.

More than 30% of all experts in the design business feel it’s common to say farewell to logos that are complex. Simplicity is what the viewer is looking for and sometimes the urge to stand out has logos get muddled up and appear far from attractive.

The goal needs to be getting a clean look that is not only modern but also so minimalist and chic. Not only are these easy to call but they can be moulded to various apps and across different media channels.

Don’t go for fonts that are hard to read. No one has the time to ask another what that brand’s logo says or represents. You either have it or you don’t so anything cursive should be avoided as explained by experts.

Pay attention to the text

Other than the visual elements themselves, people never ignore the text inside a brand’s logo. Some feature text as a major happening of the entire design while others go for those featuring typography that mostly features letters. It all depends on what your brand’s goals are and where it fits in this regard.

When we sat down and spoke to the experts, they had one thing to say. Simple shapes are the best to take on for 2024. This is closely followed up by bold typography or symbolism. If you do opt for text, classic will never go out of style and you can even include a modern twist to have things working in the right direction.

For font style, Helvetica is a favorite because of how simple and versatile it can be, not to mention easy to read. Meanwhile, those in search of geometric precision can opt for Futura while a more contemporary look is achieved through Montserrat. Remember, it needs to appeal to the masses at the end of the day.

Colors can send the right message and evoke a certain emotion

When it comes to hue, it’s not only about aesthetics. It’s about sending out the right message by connecting with the viewer’s mindset and their emotions. As proven by this study, certain colors evoke a different sensation in a viewer. And once you master that, your brand’s logo can well be on the way to success.

Red represents strength, power, and energy. It can really stand out if that’s what your brand is in search of. Yellow is more fun and youthful, adding a sense of friendliness and warmth. Does your brand have to do with health, vitality, and wellness? If yes, then green should be your pick.
For simple and clear-cut logos, blue should be your pick. It’s just professionalism and clear cut, no messing around here. Orange is very similar to yellow, adding warmth and a sense of likeability easily. It’s also one of the rarer hues that brands go for.

If your brand is more about creativity and luxury, then the aura that purple brings is unlike all others. It’s just innovative and sophisticated on a whole new level altogether. And the same goes for black, it’s always luxury redefined and that’s why a lot of logos make use of it.

For purity and simplicity, white is your best friend. It’s luxe personified and the level of professionalism this tone adds is unlike all others.

So as you can see, a little mindfulness of some key elements really goes a long way into making the best logo design out there. All you need to do is be aware of what your brand needs and how you wish to portray it to the outside world.

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