YouTuber MrBeast Just Raked In $263K From His First Post On X But He Says It’s A Facade

MrBeast is a man who needs no introduction as he’s considered the world’s most successful and popular YouTuber today.

Generating millions from his content on the popular powerhouse online video app, the star spends huge sums of money on his posts to ensure fans stay engaged until the end. And we agree that hard work goes a long way and his success is well deserved.

Just recently, we saw the star whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, post his first video on the X app and that managed to generate a great response of $263K. This featured close to 150 million views in just seven days and that’s a massive achievement. The same content was posted on YouTube last year in September.

The first content made more than $250k, he added, celebrating the news but wait, he was not too happy. He marked the success in a bittersweet way by adding how it was similar to the likes of being a facade. Meanwhile, some advertisers looked at the success as one that they had to take advantage of. So they made more money by purchasing ads on each click and hence revenue was made on every view which is greater than what many would expect.

The content featured Donaldson and the team exploring a wide range of cars such as those that are flying and beyond. And they’re also able to get into a fancy ride with comedian Jay Leno.

The X app rolled out the famous and much-anticipated creator revenue share program in 2024 and that’s when they rolled out to creators how they could be eligible if the posts could attract a certain number of views. This way, both parties would benefit.

Since they bought the app in 2022, Musk pointed out how he hoped to transform X into an app for all that had due focus on videos and brought in a range of famous media personalities across the board including Tucker Carlson and Tulsi Gabbard who published content on the app.

Today, MrBeast is the biggest content creator (at least in terms of making money) on YouTube featuring close to 370 million users from various channels. That led to Musk welcoming his content on the platform and posting more marketing strategies so more people would engage with the material seen online.

Musk made the first suggestion about how Donaldson was ringing in content on X toward the year’s end and generated a response by rolling out teasers through posts across X.

But he made sure that he had his thoughts on the ground about how he did not like the thought of posting on X as they gave him very little to no return and he did not think that was fair. “My production expenses for every video are in millions so it does not make sense to post on X”- he blasted X. However, he did not shun the idea completely and mentioned to people how he was open to making the most of the matter if monetization got better on X.

This led to the billionaire entrepreneur confirming through a blog post that X is going to ensure creators get a well-deserved benefit that was greater than what arch-rival platform YouTube was rolling out.
We do agree that the revenue generated by MrBeast on X seems like a huge figure for just a single post, but we have to remember that we’re talking about one of the world’s biggest and most popular content creators. So in that sense, it’s not a huge deal.

As per Forbes magazine, he managed to pull in a staggering $54 million and turned out to be the biggest earning content creator of last year. And that made him inch closer to a deal generated with Amazon too.

Some are even referring to how the views might not even be 100% organic and users reported seeing that on so many of their feeds daily as an unmarked ad. Donaldson says he felt videos like this on X were getting boosted thanks to advertisers.

But it wouldn’t be wrong to mention how MrBeast is a potential candidate for improving the general economy on X, thanks to his fame and that opens more opportunities for other creators of the industry.

Image: MrBeast/YT

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