Mr. Beast Gained the Most Subscribers in 2023, is T-Series Top Spot in Jeopardy?

Mr. Beast has seen a rapid rise to the top of YouTube, gaining subscribers at an almost impossible rate. It turns out that the content creator gained more subscribers than any other channel by a massive margin.

According to a graphic posted by MrBeast Statistics, Jimmy Donaldson's channel MrBeast gained a whopping 99 million subscribers in 2023 alone. It bears mentioning that PewDiePie, the former top spot holder in terms of subscribers, widely celebrated reaching 100 million subscribers in total. It appears that Mr. Beast has achieved something similar within the span of a single year.

In spite of the fact that this is the case, Mr. Beast still isn’t the most subscribed channel in the world. That honor belongs to T-Series, which has a total of 256 million subscribers as of the latest data. With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that the tussle between T-Series and PewDiePie was a legendary part of internet culture in the 2010s, and the Indian record label came out on top.

Most subscribed YouTube channels of 2023
Chart: MrBeast Statistics / X

That made it seem like the era of individual content creators was over, and that major brands like T-Series would dominate YouTube for the foreseeable future. Such a trend concerned many because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up sapping YouTube of the very thing that made it popular to begin with.

However, with Mr. Beast’s rapid growth in 2023, T-Series might be in jeopardy of losing the throne for the first time in years. The content creator now has 225 million subscribers, and if 2024 is even a fraction as good as 2023, he’ll surge past the record label and become the most subscribed YouTuber ever.

Apart from Mr. Beast and T-Series, no other channel possesses over 200 million subscribers. Much like the feud between T-Series and PewDiePie became the stuff of legend in the 2010s, the 2020s might be defined by a similar bout between the record label and Mr. Beast. T-Series only gained 24 million subscribers, so their growth might be hitting a plateau.

India has a dominant presence on YouTube, with three of the top ten most subscribed channels consisting of Indian brands. Apart from T-Series, Sony Entertainment Television India has 167 million subscribers which puts it in 4th place behind Cocomelon which has 169 million

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