50 Richest Content Creators: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About

We live in a world of content creators, where they not only control what media we indulge in but also make millions from it.

Thanks to the latest study released by WealthOfGeeks, we now have the lowdown on the lucrative amount of money they are making!

By the middle of last year alone, the top fifty social media content creators collectively bagged 700 million dollars. The sum was earned between June 2022 and June 2023, thanks to a collective following of 2.92 billion users.

The comprehensive study took into account factors like followers, platforms, and more to give detailed insight. So, if you are salivating in hopes of getting a piece of that cake, we are here for you.

Here's everything we have learned from the study about our favorite content creators and the filthy amount of wealth they are accumulating.

The Era of Mr. Beast

Gone are the days when PewDiePie dominated the content creation industry; we have ushered in the era of Mr. Beast. With a whopping 377M following, Jimmy Donaldson, AKA Mr. Beast, has raked in $82 million, through his stunt and philanthropy content.

What makes the quantity shocking is not just the sheer volume, but the fact that it puts him $47 million ahead of the second-highest earner!

Following in second position is the funny Good Mythical Morning duo Rhett & Link, with an income of 35 Million Dollars and a 51 Million follower base across all platforms.

The gaming content industry has yet to back down, as the third highest earner is Preston Arsement, a gaming influencer whose content has earned him a 35 million dollar income and 39 million followers.

The soon-to-be thirty gamer has accomplished a lot, including his very own graphic novel, and a role in the famous animated film Sonic the Hedgehog 2!

Fourth is Ryan Kaji, also at an income of 35 million, but more about him later!). Lastly, the sensational Jake Paul is fifth, with $34 million in earnings and 73.1 million followers.

Known for his diverse content, the influencer has been around since the Vine days, which makes it quite impressive that he has managed to stay relevant!

Top 50 Richest Content Creators of 2023

50 Richest Content Creators: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About

Women Are Dominating the Highest-Earning Creators per 1k Followers List

Some of the findings of this study may shock you. For example, the Tiktoker with the highest number of subscribers, Khaby Lame, has shockingly not made it to the top ten list. With an earning of $16.5 million, he comes in at number 16 in the study.

Similarly, while 22 ladies made it to the top fifty, and many of them have plenty of followers, none of the ladies made it to the top ten earners.

However, many of them are the highest-earning creators per 1K followers. In fact, half of the top 20 are ladies, including the top three: Dani Austin Ramirez, Alexandra Cooper, and Christina Najjar (Tinx).

Ramirez earns around $4,320 per 1K followers, which is quite impressive given how she managed to monetize the content based on her own life.

Making her mark on the fashion and lifestyle content industry, she has charmed around 2.9 Million followers, most of them from Instagram alone.

Alexandra Cooper comes in at a very close second with $4000 per 1K followers. The podcast holder was called "arguably the most successful woman in podcasting" by Times magazine.

She has successfully monetized her comedy and advice niche weekly show "Call Her Daddy" and bagged a three-year, $60 million exclusive deal with the biggest audio streaming platform "Spotify".

Lastly, Tinx, who has $3,910 per 1000 followers, has made that earning via TikTok, with her dating advice content.

What is truly spectacular is how she made a whopping $7.5 million in total earnings with only 2.1 Million followers.

TikTok is the Leading Platform

TikTok was found to be the most favored platform, which shouldn't come as a surprise as that's where more than 1/3 of their collective followers come from. With a solid 1.2 billion followers, TikTok is followed by YouTube at 724.8 million and Instagram at 642.2 million.

If you want to enter the industry, TikTok might just be the right platform, as its algorithm has often been quite successful in bringing the right content to the right consumers.

Millennials Are Enjoying the Largest Chunk of the Cake

While some of the top earners are from the trending Generation Z, the Millennials are paving the way on the top 50 list. 28 influencers on the list are millennials, which makes them 56%. Gen Z falls short at 40% with 20 content creators.

Due to the overwhelming number, millennials are also earning more, bagging 367.1 million collectively. With only 2 content creators from the older Generation X, it’s still quite impressive that they have earned 41 million.

And, even though the total earnings of 291.95 million by Gen Z may seem less, in the coming years, they are bound to catch up as TikTok is still the main platform for content followers of the younger generations.

The Youngest Influencer is Only 12!

Yes, Ryan Kaji, the youngest highest-earning influencer, is only 12 years old and has been in the industry since the age of six. He reviews toys and games for young children on YouTube, and his channel, Ryan’s World, has almost become a household name.

Possibly the most popular influencer amongst children, he is the reason why all the children around the globe know about the trendy games and the coolest toys!

He has raked in 36 million followers and 35 million in earnings, thanks to his reviews. You know what they say: if you want to be a millionaire, you must start early!

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how much money the top content creators are making, you can also consider following in their footsteps and breaking into the industry. If you have some ideas that is relatable, trendy, and relevant, try your hand at content creation, and maybe this year, you might end up on the list! For more details (and motivation!), you can see the study here.

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