X Bug Causes Hundreds Of Posts To Be Flagged As ‘Sensitive Media’

A major bug has been making the rounds on the social media app X and it’s wreaking havoc.

The ordeal led to numerous posts getting flagged as ‘sensitive content’. This thwarted the firm’s own actions to try and make content on the app seem more enticing and approachable to various advertisers.

Moreover, as per reports from the safety account of X, the matter is now being looked at in detail and even fixed but the team is working round the clock to get rid of labels on posts that were impacted.

A blog post regarding the issue has now been released that spoke about how a mighty bug in the system resulted in the incorrect labeling and they hope to figure out why this even arose in the first place.

Media dubbed to be ‘sensitive’ means it’s related to content that many other viewers on the platform wouldn’t like to see. This could be linked to sensitive themes such as violence as well as nudity. Moreover, the app asked those users who find such content on their feed to adjust settings to ensure they’re marked accordingly so that they don’t see them as frequently.

Additionally, there is one option to include content warnings that flag material as one-time sensitive across various media posts on the platform seen across iOS or Android online. Moreover, posts can go as far as being dubbed as linked to nudity and violence, and explicity-themed subjects as well if the viewer chooses to go into detail on this front and therefore blur the content that needs additional clicks or taps to see the media.

But even those images that were fine and not related to such themes were still dubbed sensitive and people had a hard time figuring out why they couldn’t see a lot of posts or why they ended up getting blurred.

This is something that the firm can do if it chooses to include such labels to ensure users stay guarded and protected at all times. In the past, before Musk acquired the organization, we saw both computer-generated and human reviews take center stage and it would act on such reports to ensure the final decision rolled out is correct.

As far as this particular incident is concerned, the matter might be related to spam bots taking effect, as per the report rolled out by Musk himself. It’s quite contradictory when you come to think of it, X mentioned.

Musk says the bots were doing harm and marking correct or legitimate content incorrectly as spam. It’s fixed and he’s happy the Safety Team at X handled the matter better overnight.

It’s a huge misstep as the X platform is making the way to try and figure out new kinds of monetization strategy after advertisers ended up leaving the firm after Musk took charge of the organization. But it was shocking how Musk handled the matter and told the advertisers to stop blackmailing him and the firm as it was uncalled for.

Advertising was paused on the X app in terms of issues linked to antisemitic content across the platform. Later on, the firm was busy pursuing small to large-scale advertisers as it moved forward with a strategy to publish AI payments this year.

Thankfully, the issue was major but not out of control or something that X could not fix. It may have been worse if workforce reductions were carried out on X that impacted the firm’s Safety Team. The latter is said to be involved in reviewing accounts having spam and sensitive content.

Bots who flagged the accounts happened to be the only area where the X app was facing issues with a greater number of spam arising in the past couple of months. Moreover, a search was carried out for phrases like ‘I can’t provide a reply as it goes against OpenAI’s use case policy across X as it just proved how automated accounts were disguised as regulars. And in reality, so many of those were paying the app’s Premium customers.

Elon Musk always held the strong belief that putting out small fees would assist the app to get rid of spam and it indicated how a few bots were ready to generate funds to look more real. In the same manner, the company mentioned during the summer time how it had a serious problem linked to Verified Spammers after rolling out new settings for DM that would shift texts from Verified out of their inbox. This again was a serious indication about the Verification System that wasn’t working as well as many had hoped.

Whatever the case may be, things are relatively under control as X strives to win back advertisers which is one of their leading sources of revenue.

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