Top 10 Things that You Need to Do with Your Tech Devices this New Year

Are you tired of the typical New Year's resolutions? Most people love having goals for the new year and sometimes they can be overwhelming. Instead of these goals, why don’t you try setting goals that are related to your tech gadgets. Try the following 10 tasks to do in the next year that will enhance your tech life and give you some satisfaction about your new year goals.

1- Upgrade Your Passwords:

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Weak passwords are one of the biggest security risks. Download a password manager (or maybe a safe note taking app if like doing things manually) to your device and identify all the weak passwords you are using. Change those passwords immediately to safeguard your accounts. Most password managers are free and are useful gadgets that can enhance the security of your devices and accounts.

2- Check Your Safety Devices and Replace the Batteries:

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You should put your safety first in the new year and you can do this by testing and changing the batteries of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Most people suggest that you check your detectors twice a year and change their batteries once a year. Ensure your detectors are working all right and replace them if you detect a fault in them.

3- Clear Your Browser Cache:

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Your browsing can drastically improve if you clear your browser history and cache. It is a really easy task that takes only a few minutes from your time but gives you a smooth experience while online browsing (but for your information, doing this mean logout from all signed-in websites, so you to pay attention to this fact too). Go to your browser settings to clear cookies, cache, and saved passwords.

4- Achieve Inbox Zero:

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You can try having an inbox zero by creating a folder named "2023 and older" and moving all existing messages to it. Achieving Inbox Zero may seem impossible to some people but making a folder can help you experience the benefits without any commitments. You can see if making the folder is according to your preference or not.

5- Activate Multi-Factor Authentication:

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Enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) on important your accounts like email and online banking. Activating MFA adds an extra layer of protection against hackers and unnecessary people that can steal your personal information. Setting MFA only takes some minutes from your precious time that can save your important data.

6- Apply Screen Protectors:

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You should put screen protectors on your phone to protect the mobile screen. This simple and inexpensive task provides protection to the expensive mobile’s screen if some accident happens. Screen protectors should be put on devices used by children as they can prevent costly repairs and maintain the device's appearance.

7- Manage Your Notifications:

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Adjust your notifications according to your preference from settings. Disable notifications for apps that are not important and you don’t use them at all. This will also help you in improving your focus. Make a habit of ignoring notifications as they can easily disrupt your attention.

8- Tech Hygiene:

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Tech devices also need to stay hygienic just as humans. Use lint-free cloths to clean electronic devices and use some water or alcohol to clean screens and surfaces. Cleaning the tech devices not only improves their performances but users can also have a clean device experience.

9- Review Your Subscriptions:

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Check all your subscriptions and unsubscribe from places that you don’t use and make of list of which ones are important and which ones are not. Your personal finance apps or credit card statements can help you in identifying your subscriptions. Lower your expenses by unsubscribing from useless services, ensuring you only pay for those which are useful to you.

10- Dispose Your Old Devices Responsibly:

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Before disposing of old devices, erase all your personal data and other information from them as someone can steal from them. Consider reselling offers by the manufacturers or sell them to someone else at lower prices. It totally depends on you. Don’t forget to think about the environment if you are going to recycle your device.

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