Soon, You'll Be Able to Receive PayPal Payments Directly from US Businesses in Your Payoneer Account. Good News For Freelancers Where PayPal Is Not Available!

Post Updated on 30th March, 2024.

Exciting news for all the freelancers residing in countries where PayPal doesn’t work as the payment system is going to be accessible soon in those countries (such as Bangladesh, Ghana, Iraq and Pakistan). Many people worry when a company or any other business residing in the USA asks them to provide their PayPal account or invoice so they can send them the payment. But in many countries, PayPal is not available. Many freelancers use Payoneer instead of PayPal, as PayPal account has more benefits as you can easily receive payments from US businesses.

When you open the Payoneer product update page, and under the heading "Feature Spotlight: Paypal for Payoneer — Up Your Payment Power with Paypal for Payoneer", there is a news floating around that soon PayPal will work through Payoneer in the countries where PayPal isn’t available. This means that users will send the payment request to their client residing in the USA through Payoneer and the client will be able to send the payment through his PayPal account. Plus, PayPal rates are going to be more reasonable than Payoneer. The receiver will receive the payment in his Payoneer account.

In Payoneer words: "You’ll soon be able to delight your US clients with even more flexibility with an upcoming PayPal payment method. All you need to do is send them the bill, and they can choose PayPal from their payment options."

If you have a Payoneer account, check your email as you might have also received this exciting news about PayPal payments in your inbox.
There are also some important updates to the Payoneer account. Payoneer has announced that it is going to upgrade their services and introduce new features. Payoneer has also improved its mobile card transactions and soon they can also be done through biometric verification. This will provide security to your payments and you will experience less safety issues. Users of Payoneer will also be able to pay up to 500 Payoneer accounts in one click. You can also allow the contributor role to a person and he will be able to perform transaction payments on your behalf (may someone who is good at accounts). Users will also be able to schedule their payments for the future. In addition to Payoneer supporting the PayPal payment method, all these updates will bring a nice touch to Payoneer, allowing freelancers to reach wider business globally.

Payoneer's PayPal integration expands accessibility, benefiting freelancers in countries without PayPal services, promoting financial inclusivity.


What is the recent integration between PayPal and Payoneer?

PayPal funds will be accessible through Payoneer for freelancers in countries where PayPal isn't available.

How does the integration work for freelancers?

Freelancers (without creating PayPal account) will be able to send payment requests through Payoneer, and clients can choose PayPal as their payment option, with funds deposited in the freelancer's Payoneer account, which the freelancers can withdraw into their preferred local or international bank/wallet deposit option.

Why is this integration beneficial for freelancers?

It will allow freelancers and startups in certain countries to receive payments from U.S. clients using PayPal through their Payoneer accounts.

How can users stay updated on these changes?

Check your email for updates from Payoneer regarding the PayPal integration and other important announcements. Or Follow Digital Information World blog or any other tech/finance/business blog that shares these kind of news.

How will these updates benefit freelancers globally?

The PayPal integration and other enhancements aim to provide freelancers and independent contractors with a broader global reach, secure transactions, and increased convenience.

When will these changes take effect?

Specific timelines for these changes may vary; stay informed by checking Payoneer communications for rollout dates and instructions on utilizing the new features.

Can I receive PayPal payments from US businesses through Payoneer?

Soon, the integration will allow freelancers in countries without direct access to PayPal, such as Bangladesh, Ghana, Iraq, and Pakistan, to receive payments from US businesses through their Payoneer accounts.

Is it possible to use Payoneer to receive payments from US clients via PayPal?

Soon, freelancers will be able to send payment requests through Payoneer, and their US clients can choose PayPal as the preferred payment method, with the funds received in the freelancer's Payoneer account.

How does the PayPal integration with Payoneer work for freelancers in countries without direct PayPal access?

Freelancers in countries without direct PayPal access will be able to send payment requests through Payoneer. Clients can then select PayPal as their payment option, facilitating the transaction, and the funds are received in the freelancer's Payoneer account.

Can I receive payments from US businesses through Payoneer if I don't have a PayPal account?

Soon, even if you don't have a PayPal account, you will be able to receive payments from US businesses through Payoneer. The integration enables clients to use PayPal for transactions, and the funds will be deposited into your Payoneer account.

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