YouTube Launches New Video Series That Makes Users Aware Of Key Shorts Trends

If you happen to be keenly interested in YouTube Shorts but aren’t confident about how or where to begin then we’ve got some great news for you.

The popular video-sharing app YouTube is providing its content creators a chance to really get the best insights related to Shorts with the launch of an innovative video series. This really highlights the best things that any user should note that might have trouble on how to begin making the most of the company’s largest and most profitable offering.

It’s thanks to top creator Jade Beason that we’re getting more knowledge on this front. He is shedding light on the major leading trends for Shorts that you’ve got to remember if you want to make it big while providing the little tips and tricks that make all the difference along the way.

The app rolled out video number three from the series that went public this week and it explores the newest trends for Shorts which you can avail today. Before we forget, some are more bizarre than others.

So what are the key trends being outlined for this month? We’ll guide you through each of them, step by step for your ease.

For starters, there is an offering called trend jacking that a lot of users are finding credit with by simply clicking on leading discussion topics and happenings related to the pop culture world.

It’s best to look at it as one of the greatest means of hopping into the social media world and seeing what’s the latest trend in terms of culture. It’s like a great initiative for the world of social media marketing and also helps you launch data on leading news and then tie your content to it for a unique twist. Not only do you get engagement but you’re provided with some great insights along the way as well.

Some points worth discovering include movie releases and cultural events in the pop world where you can’t really forecast ahead of time, until and unless it happens.

Next is another trend called Rise of Rizz that not a lot of creators tend to get right because you might produce content that makes you cringe in the end.

Rizz is the short form for charisma and it is also trending in terms of trying to delineate a level of interest to something in a romantic way. It’s certainly trending and the app feels it’s one way to get the right type of engagement. Hence, you’ll have to use plenty of creativity to get this one right.
Another trend being spoken about is Skibidi Toilet which is very bizarre and has to do with one famous character from a track by Biser King. You will see a long list of content that revolves around this character and it’s suggestive of how powerful Shorts is because the fame it’s getting is crazy.

It really has to do with absurd humor that most Gen Z members could relate to.

Next up, it’s Permission to Flex that is related to personalities and it provides an invitation to creators to take part in this trend and share all kinds of personalities while explaining what each of them means.

You can better envision it as some kind of participatory content which can be useful in getting the right type of engagement as fewer individuals are involved.

Last but not least, say hello to Chess. This is really getting a lot of fame thanks to Netflix’s popular show Queen’s Gambit.

Obviously, newer features are also included like chess boxing and making jokes while players plan moves during sessions that are live-streamed.

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