New Research Claims 42% Of Smartphone Users Feel Trapped By Their Group Chats

Group texting has become such a norm in today’s day and age. And believe it or not, there aren’t a whole lot of people who adore the notion of group chats. Therefore, if you happen to be one of those, there’s no reason to break a sweat as this next survey proves.

Group texts were initially designed to add ease to the user’s life, ensuring they stay connected with everyone, at all times, no matter how far you might be. But while the goal seemed to be convenience, this study proves how users aren’t exactly loving the feeling related to its use.

Today, close to 1000 US citizens underwent a survey thanks to Secure Data Recovery. On average, the majority of participants spoke about having between one to four group chats. And most of them were linked to friends while the rest had to do with loved ones. But the issue lay in the fact that such groups produce a giant content volume that most people just cannot seem to cope with.

Therefore, they call the feeling overwhelming and see the task of managing such chats as a huge task that they don’t want to be a part of. Hence, most either end up ignoring them or just reply with a delay. Some people taking part in the study referred to it as a part-time job that was not the easiest to manage for obvious reasons.

It’s a huge annoyance and having a lot of alerts means having a great deal of trouble staying in touch with these chats. On average, the app that produced the most content on shared group chats was TikTok, while you’d find GIFs taking a close second, and lastly emojis rounding up the top three.

Experts claim that one way by which you can really reduce the stress linked to group chats is to restrict the figure for texts and the number of posts being sent.

Meanwhile, a list of other kinds of annoyances were grieved about including the random allocation into groups without asking for permission. Other than that, chats can arise during off hours, and also chats whose discussions are linked to bizarre topics. But one of the biggest frustrations is related to people not replying on time, due to which the rest have to suffer.

Family chats were one type of conversation that people were annoyed by, followed up closely by the likes of DMs coming from various online groups like Reddit. And lastly, texts from colleagues were another worrying disturbance that a lot of users spoke about facing.

Another factor that respondents delineated was the amount of mental health required to shift from one chat to the next. After all, you’re dealing with all sorts of groups and people in these chats. While some might be formal, others are informal. For instance, youngsters may prefer TikTok content while the older lot would prefer an emoji popping up on the screen.

40% spoke of unleashing the wrong chat to the wrong person or wrong group and that’s another issue altogether. Just imagine sending your boss an inappropriate video on the group chat for work, as compared to the group chat allocated for loved ones. Clearly, it’s a disaster.

So, what’s the solution? How can one person better manage the entire affair without getting too bogged down? The is that you no longer have to feel so overwhelmed as you can now adopt simple strategies that do wonders.

For starters, mute alerts for group chats that you are not fond of. Others spoke about switching the don’t disturb mode to limit alerts too. And if you really wish to get away, simply be honest and request for your removal from the group as mental health is always a top priority.

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