YouTube Replaces Settings To Pause Search And Watch History

Popular video-sharing app YouTube has made a tiny amendment to Settings that arose at the start of this year.

The company has chosen to replace settings to pause search and watch history which used to be considered as simple switches that could be toggled on and off by going to Settings and clicking on History and Privacy from the main menu.

Then at the end of 2022 and also during the start of this year, we saw the tech giant take the initiative of entering the main tab for Settings that is found on the YouTube app for both iPhone and Android and having that split into two more sections. This included Privacy and Manage History. The former is linked to all of the contacts which get blocked and the terms of service found on the app.

When you click on Manage for your history selections, you can click on the tab for Google Account. This would have your YouTube section downloaded and then the bigger Google My Activity website pops up.

This downloads another UI that’s more user-friendly for smartphone users but it never really puts out the right native experience. So, if you want to pause the Search or get rid of your watch history being tracked, simply go to the Controls tab which can be found at the page top, and uncheck two things. The first one is related to inclusions of Watching YouTube Videos and the second has to do with Searches Carried Out on the YouTube app.

This feature is certainly better in terms of adding more description but we would need to argue about how the strategy implemented is a more disguised approach and ends up being an offering that’s certainly comprehensive in terms of putting your YouTube History under check, other than the usual settings for your private Google Account.

So now, you won’t have the ease of simply pressing the on or off button which is mostly useful when you are giving your device to someone else for a limited time but would want them to have the benefits linked to your Premium Subscription for the app.

If you’re still wondering about the old approach linked to turning the toggle switch on and off, you can use that too as it's live on both TV and YouTube Music.

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