Worldwide Shipments of Foldable Smartphones Predicted To Surpass 100 Million by the Year 2027

The majority of people have yet to transition to foldable smartphones. However, research expects that by the year 2026, worldwide shipments of the technologically advanced device will reach up to 78.6 million.

That amount is to be increased by the year 2027, going up to 101.5 million in just a year.

The leading two rival brands of these foldable smartphones will be the same as today: Samsung and Apple.

The shipment growth is predicted to remain robust due to regional drivers, especially in China, along with the consumer's increasing inclination to switch over to foldable smartphones.

CounterPointResearch study tracked and forecasted the shipment increase of foldable smartphones, they stated that the amount may cross the 100 million mark when we reach the year 2027.

Apple and Samsung will be dominating the market with OPPO following shortly after. Vivio, HONOR, Xiaomi, Motorola, and Huawei are just a few brands predicted to reach the top.

Back in 2021, the shipment for foldable smartphones was about 4% (9.1 million), with Samsung heavily dominating the market, Huawei following next, and the rest being the lesser adversary.

In 2022, the shipment rose up to 5% (13.1 million), with Samsung being ahead in the game, OPPO following shortly after, and Motorola, Xiaomi, and others being the lesser adversary to them.

In the year 2023, the shipment increased to 8% (18.6 million). There is an increase in competitors with Vivo and HONOR joining the game. But Samsung still remains predominantly ahead.

In the year 2024, a significant jump is expected in the shipment of foldable smartphones, rising up to 13% (35.7 million). Research has predicted Samsung to remain consistent, with it taking the lead. They also expect that other brands may notice an increase in their shipment.

According to the researchers' prediction, Apple will make a breakthrough by introducing its own foldable smartphones, entering the market in the year 2025. Due to this, researchers have forecasted that there will be an increase of 21% in the shipment (54.7 million). However, Samsung will still be dominating the industry.

The year 2026 and 2027 are the expected years to witness an immense increase that may probably change the trajectory of the tech industry. With a 30% (78.6 million) increase and a 39% (101.5 million) increase in those two years, respectively, many will have transitioned to foldable smartphones. Apple’s shipment will rise substantially from its introduction in 2025 to 2027. And not surprisingly, Samsung will dominate the industry consistently.

Tom Kang, Research Director, made a statement on the increase in shipment prediction. According to him, at present, foldable smartphones have only attracted a specific market. However, those smartphones are significant to companies aiming to remain consistently ahead in innovation and establish a strong presence in the premium marketplace.

Additionally, Kang claimed to introduce Samsung and Chinese OEMs in popular regions that demand the technology, such as China.

Jene Park, a Senior Analyst, expressed her expectations for witnessing how Apple does once it enters the market in 2025, stating that it may contribute to a growth spurt after its introduction.

In a survey of Global Foldable Smartphone Preference, Park claimed that the results conveyed the consumers' inclination towards transitioning to foldable, proving that the hype for the tech is legitimate and will continue to get bigger.

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