New Printed Circuit Board That Dissolves In Water Set To Revolutionize Tech World And Massively Reduce e-Waste

A leading semiconductor producer from Germany is making heads turn after it unveiled a breakthrough technology in the world of PCB.

This printed circuit board is all set to help tech firms reach their climate goals that were outlined for 2030. Similarly, they would help to limit the carbon footprint being spread around the globe while providing a new means to get rid of e-waste that so many firms have been helpless in overcoming.

The striking biodegradable product is produced using natural fibers and polymers that do not entail any halogens. Similarly, they have much less carbon when compared to classic boards that are designed using fiberglass composites.

Moreover, a study carried out in the year 2022 proved how the makers really could manufacture a mouse that was so environmentally friendly that only need hot water to dissolve in a span of just six minutes.

But when carried out at room temperature, the same process needs a few hours for a complete breakdown. Other than having its fibers dissolved, you will be able to appreciate how easy it has become to grab a hold of valuable metals that are an integral part. So what you are left with in the end is simple chips and snippets of a circuit which may letter get filtered out to perfection.

A lot of discussion on this matter has been created and we’ve seen videos get rolled out about how simple yet effective recycling has turned when you utilize water-based technology. And in the end, it makes your carbon footprint shrink by 60% as well when compared to classic PCBs.

The company that goes by the name of Infineon says it has ended up producing only three kinds of prototypes in this circuit board domain via Soluboard technology. It is making use of PCB for experiments right now and things have been promising for both demo boards as well as circuit boards. And today, close to 500 units are getting used.

The company says it’s making use of material of all kinds for the boards in the future and testing has begun to see what else it can come up with in terms of sustainability while ensuring an adoption taking place in the near future as well.

Depending on the future and how many stress tests are involved, it hopes more products that are reusable can arise and that would limit wastage and ensure a healthy environment.

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