Twitter’s Decision To Impose Rate Limits Causes Rival Bluesky To Generate Record-High Traffic

As the old saying goes, one man’s loss is another man’s gain and that notion seems to be applicable to tech giant Twitter.

The firm’s top archrival Bluesky is believed to be gaining from Elon Musk’s sudden decision to impose rate limits. And by that, we mean restricting the number of posts any user on the app can view each day.

The regulations regarding this ordeal are pretty straightforward. If you happen to be a verified Blue Member then the chances of you seeing more posts than the others increases dramatically.

After the news broke out, there was fury and outrage across the board. People were confused as to what in the world is going on and why. Meanwhile, Musk opted to cut back on all the hate generated by stating that it was a change that was only temporary and that it had to be put into place as an emergency protocol, considering the large rates of data scrapping occurring throughout its systems.

Speaking about the matter through a recently published tweet, he added that manipulation of Twitter’s systems wouldn’t be tolerated at any cost. Therefore, all users would be limited on the social media platform, depending on their verification status.

But there was utter confusion regarding this post as he even changed the figures for limits on that same day and ended up exceeding it, keeping in mind people’s fury.

All of this chaos saw top competitor Bluesky coming forward and benefiting as users began to opt out of Twitter and turn to the rival that’s got support from Twitter’s own co-founder Jack Dorsey.

However, you need to remember that this is an app that’s still in its experimental phase and is based on invitations only. The firm added how the systems it was based on were going through some poor performance due to an unexpected rise in traffic that took the app by surprise.

Moreover, we also heard about how the app even went as far as putting a pause on users signing up to attain access because it needed to first fix up such matters linked to poor performance. But just a day later, we saw the app return to allowing users to sign up.

For now, Bluesky is yet to answer some queries on the matter but we know that the company was first incubated with Musk’s Twitter in the year 2019. But at that time, it was Dorsey who happened to be the firm’s chief.

Today, this platform is solely based upon a network that relies on decentralized technology. Therefore, people benefit from AT Protocol and that may fuel several social media platforms and allow users to carry on with their identities through several different apps.

Toward the end of April 2023, we saw the platform rise in terms of popularity and its user base expanded to nearly 50,000 individuals as per the webpage. But remember, it’s not the only archrival for Twitter as another app called Mastadon has also intrigued many users since the end of last year.

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