Google’s New Privacy Policy Sparks Concern As Company Allowed To Collect Users’ Data For Training AI Models

The past few days saw tech giant Google make some major changes to its privacy policy. But the news of the sudden revamp is not making a lot of people happy because the controversial changes include allowing the firm to collect users’ shared data.

The Android maker will use this data that users share with others for the sake of training its AI models. Moreover, it seemed very optimistic about the approach and was on the lookout to enhance services and create new goods that were powered by AI technology.

The new update went on to mention how the tech giant would use such data to enhance its services and create new goods and offerings as well as a system that could benefit others including the general members of the public.

A great example that was provided included training models based on AI technology and better the current services that Google provides including translation, Bard, and also its Cloud. So as you can imagine, it’s causing major concern as that’s a huge shift in the overall policy.

The major shift from things like Language Models to the world of AI means saying hello to a policy that makes a major shift from the company’s previous commitments to the privacy of others. But right before we saw this update take center stage, the company detailed more on how it was all done for the sake of others because improving language models means improving all of its services.

Today, Google says it does have the right now to make use of users’ information to better its overall system where translation, text production, and even Cloud are included. It further went on to add how such changes to its policies can be found across its archive page.

On most occasions, such changes tend to limit firms from data collection that people use directly. And with the firm’s own policy in place, we’re saying hello to using data that are posted to the public on the web.

As one can imagine, the news is fairly controversial because it raises a lot of questions in terms of privacy. Making use of AI systems to see people’s data is a huge deal. Moreover, AI technology including Bard from Google and ChatGPT would be taking all posts into their systems, scrutinizing them, and then further going one step ahead to use them for its own training purposes.

But some might argue that when you do post something online, it could be viewed by all. But the point to ponder here is that the data over here keeps on altering. See, the huge concern has to do with shifts related to those that can attain access and how it’s used across the board.

Above all, let’s not forget how the entire issues linked to how legal this could be is still questionable. And as most of us go ahead, we can expect a line of lawsuits to pop up and bring in huge concerns having to do with copyright.

Most importantly, the problems linked to web scraping have really made so many individuals aware recently of how big of a concern it really is after Twitter chose to make serious changes on the platform so that it could stop the extraction of data.

On Saturday, Elon Musk faced intense criticism for limiting the figure of posts that any of the app’s users could see each day. So that meant literally barring people from using such a feature.

He blamed that on the issue of data scrapping and how the company’s systems were being manipulated. This is why so many leading tech organizations are calling this behavior out as one that must be valued when using data and outlining privacy guidelines.

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