Jack Dorsey Tells Elon Musk To Hang In There Because Running Twitter Isn’t Easy Amid Users’ Outcry Against Rate Limits

Twitter’s co-founder Jack Dorsey was recently seen giving tech billionaire Elon Musk some advice on running the Twitter platform.

The news comes after the app was in a bit of a whirlwind for the past two days after introducing some major changes that had users furious. And one of those, in particular, was linked to adding a rate limit to the number of posts a user could read per day.

As expected, people were furious and they wanted Musk to provide an explanation on the matter because such outages has fans clueless as to what was going on.

Thankfully, Musk stepped in to handle the situation and speak about how it was done only on a temporary basis but that still had some raising eyebrows. Therefore, Jack Dorsey who has been silently viewing the drama unfold is making an effort to let Musk know that the head that is supposed to be wearing the crown often feels heavy.

On Saturday, we heard more from the co-founder of Twitter who advised Musk to hang in there after criticism was bombarding the CTO for such abrupt changes.

Dorsey adds that this kind of stress can be really hard to deal with for obvious reasons. And he does put trust in everyone to do their absolute best, keeping in mind the limitations at hand.

You can critique from afar but to be living inside Musk’s shoes is nothing less than a stressful ordeal. He further continued to mention that his lifelong wish is to see the popular microblogging website flourish and he knows that it will thrive.

During the later hours of Saturday, Musk blamed the sudden changes in rate limits on the high stats obtained for data scraping. That was taking place through AI firms and to keep things under control, the billionaire had to take this emergency step.

Musk similarly gave more details about how the amendments were made after a few hours of startling reports reached his ear about outages arising in the 13000 figure in regions like the US and the United Kingdom.

Most people got alerts that simply spoke about how their rates were going to be limited and that they would need to try later.

Moreover, Musk also put out another major change that stated that all users of the app would need to log in if they wished to use the platform and see the content published across it.

Jack Dorsey was also a part of those mentioning how the app would be enhancing further on the goal linked to adopting protocols where censorship was getting restricted. Common examples entailed Bitcoin.

It was interesting to see Musk go back into his own words and mention more in detail what the actual limit for viewing posts would be and how it would keep on fluctuating. Just a few hours later, the figure he outlined was again changed depending on whether you were a verified subscriber or not.

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