Twitter Users Will Now Only Be Allowed To Read A Limited Number Of Posts Each Day

Elon Musk seems to be charging ahead with plenty of new changes on the Twitter platform and the recent one is definitely raising eyebrows.

The tech billionaire announced how users of the app will now only be allowed to read a limited number of posts each day. And the reason being provided for this is the rise in data scrapping incidents, followed by an increase in the manipulation of the platform’s systems.

The CTO who also happens to be the head of both Tesla and SpaceX too mentioned how the changes are being done only on a temporary basis for now. However, he did delineate how the accounts that come under the verified label would be allowed to go through 10,000 posts on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, those accounts that are unverified would be allowed to go through just 1,000 posts each day. And if you’re a new member on the platform with an unverified account then you’re going to be limited to seeing just 500 each day.

Throughout the day, Elon Musk stated how the limits outlined so far would be changed again and we’ll be seeing an increase in the figures soon too so there’s nothing to worry about.

However, the billionaire failed to detail when the restrictions would rise or when we might see them be removed completely. But it’s obvious that he did go on increasing the limits two times from what was highlighted yesterday.

The shocking news comes as so many users of the platform spoke about the problems linked to accessing the app during the later hours of Saturday. This made the ordeal one of the newest issues linked to the company since we saw him take charge in 2022.

So many people tried to attain access to the platform and even publish content through the website when they were met with a shocking statement that says they exceed the limit for viewing posts. Hence, another alert was generated that stated that no more tweets would be retrieved.

Thousands flocked to their accounts on the platform to talk about the issue and how upset they were to find this out.

But the company did end up offering a response on the issue as per a request by CNBC. But right now, we’re yet to confirm if the sudden outage was linked to the platform’s policy for limited reading.

The webpage then started to restrict access to such content which was up for grabs to those that didn’t have accounts. And that again had people in a state of shock because no warnings or heads-up had been provided by the company.

Then we got a response from Elon Musk related to how the app was definitely going through some changes that were temporary. Hence in the past, people used to view content on the platform, be it images or posts, without evening signing in. Now, that’s no longer allowed.

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