Apple Turns To US Supreme Court For Help Regarding Its In-App Payment Hurdles

Leading iPhone maker Apple is doing whatever it can to try and remove all the hurdles it’s going through regarding in-app payments.

The tech giant was recently seen expressing its desire of asking the US Supreme Court to intervene and solve the matter, once and for all. And by this, we mean liting the order that allows developers to include their own links on the app for payment matters.

For those who may not be aware, the tech giant is very particular regarding payments and wants it done through its platform exclusively.

This news went public recently when the matter was disclosed through the publication of court papers that arose on Monday. Moreover, Apple also took this opportunity to reveal its great intention through a motion where it wanted the court to pause and think over the verdict regarding the decision of an appeal that arose in April regarding the matter.

The company added that any delay in this matter is welcomed because when mandate issues remain, the tech giant would need to alter its business strategies so that it complies with the case before a review from the court is provided.

Similarly, the tech giant adds how such injunctions would further go on to limit the chance to offer protection to users that arose through scams, frauds, and other matters that come under the objectionable category.

The firm’s papers arise in the form of a battle that started in the Summer of 2020 and involved itself with the makers of Fortnite. Then in August, Epic Games started to give gamers the chance to carry on with purchases through direct means and that was in complete violation of the firm’s policies that forced developers to utilize it for the sake of payments through purchases made on the app. And remember, the iPhone maker would be charging a whopping 30% commission for this.

The tech giant gave out a very clear reply to the makers of Fortnite by removing the latter from its App Store, and that caused the makers of the leading game to bring on a new legal battle regarding antitrust behavior against the tech giant.

Epic felt that the iOS market was utterly functioning on the basis of a monopoly by Apple and that would make it so unfair for other platforms and companies to function and profit lawfully.

It further spoke about the unlawful actions put up against its developers who had no choice but to make use of payments done through Apple only.

But in the year 2021, we saw a court judge declare Epic Games as a company who failed to prove that the tech giant was violating any form of law linked to anti-trust behavior. But at the same time, the judge did find Apple guilty of stopping developers from putting links that were outside of Apple’s domain. And that is a clear violation of California’s law linked to competitive behavior.

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