Threads App's EU Odyssey: A Tale of Patience and Promise

The much-anticipated Threads app by Meta, a Twitter-like platform, is causing quite a stir worldwide, with one big exception: it is not yet available in the European Union (EU). Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri admitted bluntly that EU residents might have to wait many months to get their hands on the app owing to EU Digital Markets Act (DMA) restrictions.

The DMA seeks to protect user rights, maintain data management, and prevent digital behemoths from monopolizing the market. While the statute primarily targets Google and Apple, Meta has also been included since Threads is an extension of Instagram. As a result, before launching Threads in the EU, Meta must guarantee that it complies with all requirements.

Meta's Threads app, like a prized possession, is still out of reach for EU residents. Blame it on the strict EU Digital Markets Act, which was meant to protect user privacy and limit the competitive preferences of internet behemoths. While Meta works hard to meet all regulatory requirements, Adam Mosseri recognizes that the wait may be long.

Adam Mosseri stressed the team's attempts to become less US-centric and comply with future 2024 legislation, but the process would take time. This implies that certain EU users who previously used VPN to access Threads can no longer do so since Meta has put a stop to it.

Despite these obstacles, Threads is growing in other places, with 150 million users. However, the app's early buzz has worn down, with fewer daily active users and less time spent on it since its release. The app is still under development, and engagement may vary when Meta adds more features like a follow feed, a desktop version, and enhanced suggestions. Mosseri recognizes the app's potential, highlighting the need for follow feeds, a desktop version, and improved suggestions to level the playing field.

Although particular data is unavailable, Adam Mosseri stated that Threads' retention and engagement exceeded expectations. While it is too soon to draw solid conclusions, it is clear that the app's popularity represents a promising start for Meta.

Finally, while EU residents will have to wait patiently for Threads to become available, Meta's commitment to comply with legislation is admirable. Threads' outstanding user base and early engagement levels indicate promise, and as Meta adds necessary functionality, it is expected to become a formidable player in the social media world. For now, EU users may have to rely on Twitter, but the future of Threads is bright and exciting.

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