Bad News For EU Users As Meta Takes Strict Action And Blocks All Access To Threads Via VPNs

Threads by Meta is blowing up across the world but there is one region that’s still being deprived of the popular endeavor.

And in case you have not guessed by now, it’s none other than the EU. But users could not wait any longer for the company to carry out a launch so many resorted to gaining access to the platform via VPNs.

But if you think Meta was going to sit down and watch in silence, well, you’re sadly mistaken. The tech giant is taking firm action to stop such users from gaining access to the platform through VPNs.

Therefore, if you happen to be one of those, you’d probably have received a text stating in bold terms the platform isn’t available in your area.

Facebook’s parent firm confirmed that "Threads is currently unavailable in most European countries and we have taken further measures to prevent people from those countries accessing threads". Adding further, "Europe continues to be a very important market for Meta and we hope to be able to bring Threads to more countries in the future".

The company previously mentioned how it’s purposefully delaying the launch of Threads in the EU because it wants to make sure the platform is completely in line with the stringent rules and regulations that the region has in place regarding data usage and privacy controls.

And until and unless it feels it’s not ready, it’s going to continue with the delay.

For days, the firm has been trying hard to achieve its goals linked to privacy control. But despite that, the company failed to do so and many eyebrows were raised at the growing rate of VPNs being used to gain access to the app.

Today, Meta says it’s working hard to get approval from the right regulatory officials before conducting its EU debut and that means being aligned with the strict local rules and regulations across the board.

On the other hand, some experts feel the firm might be busy taking the right precautions to stop users from having early access before a complete or widescale release happens.

Whatever the case may be, it’s a huge disappointment for many individuals on social media that live in the EU. They are upset that they’re the only ones being denied this right to use Threads while the rest of the world can with ease.

They hope Meta can get its act together because we are not aware how long such a block on VPNs will ensue. The tech giant means serious business because blocking VPNs to this extent is really something it has not done in a long time.

Similarly, we are not yet sure when and if the launch will happen. Meta continues to have its lips sealed and the agony and frustration on the part of users continues to increase as we speak.

Some experts predicted that it would happen by this year’s end but again, we’re just going to have to wait and watch until that happens. Therefore, patience is key here and Meta is clearly testing its EU users.

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