Threads In The Spotlight: How Is Meta’s Popular App Doing Now And What Its Future Has In Store

It’s safe to say that the success that Meta’s Threads arrived with could never be estimated.

Nobody had the slightest hint that the figure for signups would cross the 100 million mark in less than a week. Moreover, it’s taken some leading corporations months to achieve what Threads did in a couple of days.

Today, the platform has close to 150 million downloads and it just keeps on getting better. But after the explosive start, new stats claim that engagement and growth of the popular texting platform have declined. However, it’s too early to predict anything just yet.

At the start, we saw Meta’s employees take part in an interesting question and answer session yesterday. This is where a lot of things were put into perspective including the types of Thread posts that were first put out by leading names in the industry.

They were briefed about what some celebs and prominent personalities had to say after arriving on the app and how the platform attained a whopping 70 million downloads in just a span of 48 hours.

We have to agree that it was a major victory for a firm that failed to roll out any kind of successful platform from the start. But the thing that really caught our attention as well as our eye at the launch was how the head Adam Mosseri described in detail the manner in which the app was designed.

It came about with the assistance of three top-of-the-line product managers, a group of 50 engineers, and also only three designers. These creative minds put their heads together and gave us a brilliant final product in just five months.

Keeping in mind such constraints, any firm in the tech sector could relate to how that’s near to impossible but the way it happened is fabulous. So what’s next is a question on people’s minds and the answer is simple. It’s got to do with how to keep users entertained and make sure they retain on the app.

As it is, Zuckerberg is currently celebrating Facebook reaching a whopping 3 billion users each month. This also happens to be the first time that we’ve seen the app’s usage among the younger lot increase after so many years. So as you can see, Facebook is not falling behind and as the platform’s head mentioned yesterday, they’re in it to win it.

So Zuckerberg is really reigning supreme and must be keen on making Instagram and Threads get the same type of success soon. But remember, it’s been a tough climb for Facebook and won’t be easy for Meta’s other apps but it’s the efforts worth a mention here.

The latest stats proved that there were more than 70 billion impressions. Then the current figure for posts is more than 450 million while likes are hitting the 4.5 billion mark. Yes, that’s remarkable but it’s just the start.

More details unveiled by Threads showed how it’s doing the best in the US and showing great acceptance in Brazil as well. But Instagram’s chief Adam Mosseri says he’s trying to make the entity a place that people will come back to after a month because signups are simple but making sure users return is just as difficult. And that’s where the company’s focus is right now, ensuring great retention.

H/T: The Verge

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