Threads Surpasses 150 Million Downloads In Its Second Week But Meta Is Racing To Keep Users Engaged As Adoption Slows

We are all well aware of the success that came with Meta’s debut of its Threads platform. Records were broken in terms of downloads and today, we’re seeing the figure cross the 150 million mark in less than 14 days.

But the climb is not over yet nor are the hurdles and tech giant Meta knows that. Therefore, the goal right now is to somehow ensure users remain engaged as recent stats prove adoption has decreased in pace.

The record surpassed plenty of successful projects including the world famous Pokemon Go. today, threads has millions of users making use of the app on a weekly basis as per reports from data research companies. But now, the rate at which people are downloading the platform is going downhill.

This is why Instagram is stepping in to better the user experience with the launch of more exciting features and the focus has shifted to making their performance better.

With the app entering its second week, the growth record has really slowed down. Today, the platform has over 150 million downloads taking place. But in 10 days, it crossed one million so as you can see, the rate has dramatically slowed down.

Still, Threads is in a league of its own, and seeing its growth go nearly five times faster than apps like Pokemon Go is really something worth raving about. The latter took a whopping three months to reach 150 million downloads.

The global figure for leading social media platforms had reached half a billion after years of entering the market. But seeing Threads exceed 100 million in days is just staggering and mind-blowing to comprehend sometimes.

Did we mention how the company is still waiting for a green signal to launch across the EU? Yes, the latter’s strict rules and regulations regarding data sharing and user privacy have Meta thinking twice before it goes about a launch.

So far, as per recent statistics from, the top nations where Threads is blowing up massively in terms of popularity include America, Mexico, India, Japan, and Brazil.
The figure outlined for active users is 100 million and that is close to one-fifth of the user base of platforms such as Twitter. The latter was launched in the year 2006 and is now under the leadership of tech billionaire Elon Musk.

Remember, apps like Threads took a whopping half a year to be built effectively, and that entailed a 50-member workforce as confirmed by reports by the Insider.

The goal did seem to enhance the rivalry between Musk and Zuckerberg as Threads is awfully similar to Twitter and the latter even reported a decrease in its traffic recently. Yes, Twitter did anticipate success but never did it ever imagine that this would be the result of the launch. 100 million in a few days is a major deal that has taken the firm’s own CEO and executives by surprise.

But those in charge of Twitter feel that a huge chunk of the success may be linked to the fact that Elon Musk isn’t loved by the masses and his radical decision-making for the app has really caused the app’s downfall.

Believe it or not, more people wish to see Twitter fail because of Elon Musk. And the tech billionaire’s response to this mega success of Threads has been to take legal action against the app for copying and hiring former employees that would share secrets about his firm.

But that’s not all. Musk is trying to provide cash incentives to creators on the Twitter app in the hopes that they would stay and bring in more of their followers on the platform. Similarly, he’s trying to roll out more features that perhaps would make some see Twitter in a different context from before.

For now, Instagram is staying hush on the rate at which growth is taking place on the app. But to help ensure people stick to Threads and don’t wander off, we’re expecting a long list of enticing features that Adam Moserri promised is coming soon.

As it is, we’ve seen some leading names from the entertainment industry join the platform, not to mention world leaders too!

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