Threads May Have Had A Fiery Start With Million Signups But User Engagement Is Spiraling Downwards

Meta’s Threads experienced monstrous success after its initial debut and that even took the company’s own executives and CEO by surprise.

It was welcomed with open arms as shocking stats proved how the figure for signups had crossed the million mark in just two days after the initial rollout.

So as you can see, it’s a huge deal. People loved the engagement that was coming forward and it’s needless to mention that it was just so simple to use and convenient at the same time. Did we mention how you would have the same number of followers and contacts as that seen on your Instagram account, thanks to the integration?

But now, tracking firms claim that despite the fiery start, things are not exactly what many had hoped for. And that’s why user engagement is moving in a downward direction, something that no Meta executive would wish to hear. By the looks of it, the classic notion related to what goes up must someday come down might apply here.

The news comes to us thanks to experts at Sensor Tower and some researchers from Similar Web who claim that user engagement and growth have taken a hit and aren’t what was observed at the start.

At the expense of an app like Twitter, we saw the platform owned by Meta Corporations really break the internet and some leading experts say that the starting 72 hours were an absolute treat to watch in terms of the company’s performance.

But now and then have a remarkable difference. The stats comparison has been awfully dramatic for a while and the figure for users on the app clearly went down by a staggering 20%. Meanwhile, the figure for users’ time spent on the platform also fell by a whopping 50%.

Before, people were spending nearly 20 minutes on the platform, now, it’s cut back to just 10 minutes. Hence, experts feel that although the messaging platform saw a rise in success at the start, it’s going to be a tough mountain to climb. And we feel who better to celebrate this news than tech billionaire Elon Musk who has been obviously concerned with the platform for so long.

The analysts did see people checking on the platform at the start but now, not everyone is keen on paying the platform a visit very frequently as they could be visiting other apps they own.

Remember, this news is major for obvious reasons. We saw the figure for the app’s sign-ups reach one million and beyond and then we saw close to 90 million items get posted, followed up by 190 million likes being reached.

But wait, it’s just too soon to really make big judgments as to what might happen in the future. It’s just too early to determine what may take place next and users are keen on exploring the service. They want to know what other exciting features are in store and for that, they’re willing to exhibit patience.

Despite Threads strong sign-ups/DAUs, ST data shows engagement remains low. Weekend time spent declined 60% from Jul 6 highs; this was 60% & 85% lower than avg time spent on Twitter & Insta, resp.

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