Twitter Is Rolling Out An Exciting New Picture-In-Picture Mode For iOS Devices

Twitter appears to be on the move to give iOS users something exciting to rave about while viewing video content on the app.

The popular microblogging website mentioned how it is including a PIP mode for the platform that only those with iPhones or iPads can gain access to. Moreover, a recently published screen recording was also shared by the app’s updates for software and that’s where the feature was seen running in action.

The PIP mode is designed to cause videos to shrink to a small size like a window and then you can go about viewing it while carrying on with your usual tasks in other places.

As revealed in a new screen recording that had been outlined by Macrumors today, it’s quite possible to see videos on the platform through floating windows across your iOS device.

But right now, it appears the platform is having some trouble in terms of finishing the whole launch of this feature as there’s a system-wide support system in place for PiP that’s not up for grabs to everyone out there.

In case you’re still wondering, the app already has one PiP system that’s inside the app and up for grabs to those to all users as it is designed to function in the platform.

The PiP feature is also seen on a number of other popular platforms like Netflix, Apple’s Television, and even the popular video-sharing app YouTube. However, the latter’s PiP mode only works well with free accounts, unless you have content such as music videos to avail.

For now, we’re still waiting to see if this platform’s PiP feature would be up for grabs to the masses or if it’s going to be restricted to only those that are designated as paid subscribers on the app. After all, so many users are now being deprived of so many features including those linked to greater safety and privacy like encryption for messages and 2FA for SMS.

We’re seeing Elon Musk really focus hard on the likes of adding more emphasis on videos recently. And from what we’re seeing through stats from the app, vertical video content is popular for users who spend more than 10% of their time viewing such posts.

In 2022, we also saw how the platform ended up joining the social media bandwagon of popular platforms when trying to copy the entire Fullscreen endeavor launched by TikTok.

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