Twitter Won’t Be Accessible Without An Account As The App Makes Log Ins Mandatory For All

Leading microblogging website Twitter is making sure people are gaining access to the app through authentic means.

The platform is only providing access to users on the web and through their smartphones if they have an account. So logins are now mandatory if you wish to use the app, it was confirmed today.

Those who happen to be using the app now and aren’t logged in would be getting an alert that requests them to Sign In. So you can either do that if you have an existing account or sign up if you’re new.

And those who choose to dismiss this alert that pops up across their screen, well, you’ll surely be sent back to the app’s homepage and then asked again to make an account to use the platform further.

The company provides both iOS and Android users to make accounts through phones or simply go on the web and sign in. So to put things simply, there’s no running away from this ordeal anymore.

What we are aware of right now is that the platform is yet to put out an official statement regarding this or even regarding the firm’s own online blog as to why it’s making such a change all of a sudden.

For now, Twitter is yet to share the reason with other tech media outlets who happen to be asking for an answer regarding the change too. But we know it’s going to come out soon. As of this moment in time, all you’ll get in return is an emoji that comprises poop.

A few months back, we saw the organization disable the field for search queries that had to do with unregistered users. It only showed up a few suggestions for tweets whenever someone arrived on the homepage. Similarly, we saw the platform put out a cap limit for free APIs that arose in the month of February.

People were shocked to learn how the app was requesting $100 each month if they wished to read or even add a post as the collection was huge. For now, there is no proper explanation as to what is taking place for such moves and it hoped to shut the platform further as a lot of individuals feel it could be a major effort to block people from attaining access to tweets online.

As one can imagine, Twitter users are not happy with this change and it’s causing a huge trigger for outcry for a lot of others.

The change that was published today has people upset because no one likes being bound to having an account or logging in or being part of the whole redirecting loop too. They want to use the app like they’ve been doing for years but Twitter says that’s not going to be happy anymore.

Errors are already popping up for those using the app who don’t have accounts as their experience is disabled temporarily while being redirected to new pages that want them to sign up or sign in.

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