Twitter Took Down More Than 6.5 Million Posts In The First Half Of 2022, Right Before Elon Musk Took Charge

Twitter is setting out new insights through a blog post after it was named as one of the top 19 tech firms that will be subjected to the EU’s Digital Services Act.

The company mentioned how it forced its users to carry out content removal at an alarming pace as it really took the disinformation policy seriously. This was in regard to the first half of last year before tech billionaire Elon Musk took charge of the firm.

Moreover, when you compare the statistics from the second part of 2021, it’s a whopping increase of 29%.

Twitter has been urged by the EU to do more in terms of putting an end to disinformation on its platform while carrying out more external audits to find a solution to the problem. And we are not too surprised because guess what, it’s the company that seems to be on the radar of the EU for quite some time now.

Those who fail to follow the policies outlined would face a major financial penalty and that entails fines that entail up to 6% of the company’s global turnover generated. Similarly, it might even face a complete ban from the European Union as confirmed by facts stated on the website of the European Commission.

Before we saw the world’s second richest person take charge of the company in October of last year, he opted to remove 80% of the workforce. But before that ensued, the firm was putting out twice a year reports regarding more details on its Transparency Center website. It would entail more details regarding the total number of accounts undergoing suspension as well as the figure for requests made by the government in terms of data sharing.
This update arose in a blog post format and the firm says it would be providing more updates regarding its path forward in terms of reporting for transparency by this year’s end.

For those who may not be aware, putting out transparency reports like these is one of the chief requirements under the European Union’s latest rules for the Internet.

We are seeing the company also mention how it was hit with a whopping 53,000 legal requests that arose from governments during the start of 2022 and which continued till the half of last year. This was to remove certain kinds of content.

Common nations that set out the most requests for content removal include Japan, India, South Korea, and Turkey.

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