19 Tech Giants Including Twitter, Meta, And Microsoft Subjected To EU's Landmark Online Content Rules

For a while now, we have been hearing a lot about The Digital Services Act (DSA) by the EU, and now appears to be the time when it finally comes into play.

The EU has outlined 19 leading tech companies that will be subjected to the landmark reform rules linked to online content. This was confirmed on Tuesday by the EU’s chief Theirry Breton.

The DSA will force such firms including five subsidiaries of Alphabet, two from Meta, two from Microsoft, AliExpress, and Twitter among others to abide by the law.

The DSA will ensure all of these leading companies do everything in their power to minimize risk and carry out the necessary external and independent audits while sharing data with authorities and some researchers. They will similarly adopt a new code of conduct that will arise by August of this year.

These 19 different firms entail Alphabet’s Google Maps, Google Search, YouTube, Google Shopping, and Google Play. Similarly, it will entail Facebook and Instagram by Meta Inc. And last but not least, we’ll be seeing Apple’s App Store and Amazon’s Marketplace be enlisted too.

Two firms from Microsoft including Bing and LinkedIn would be a part of this endeavor as will Wikipedia, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, AliExpress, Zalando, and booking.com.

The EU says they call these 19 online firms and search engines as leaders of the industry and they need to be more systematically relevant while entailing exclusive responsibilities to transform the internet into a safer world.

But such firms will need to do so much more in terms of handling disinformation while providing more protection and giving users greater choices. This would make room for more protection of kids and even set out fines for those violating policies that may go up to 6% of the company’s global turnover.

Right now, the EU is making sure to double-check if more firms are falling under this DSA or not and a final list would be made public in a few weeks’ time.

A special mention was put on Facebook and how its content moderation is not up to par with many criticizing how strong of a role it plays in terms of generating opinions on crucial issues.

Facebook is a huge online platform and tech giant Meta really needs to be careful in terms of conducting the right investigation and fixing the major flaws that are evident, the EU explained in its statement. But that’s not all.

Other tech giants that seem to be high on the EU’s radar are Twitter and TikTok. And it’s evident as to why that may be the case. As it is, tech billionaire and chief of Twitter, Elon Musk has also invited the EU and their team to conduct stress tests live at the firm’s San Francisco headquarters.

Brenton mentioned how his team is also keen to carry out tests with Bytedance’s leading social media platform TikTok. And that has been seen as a platform of great interest too, considering its great popularity.

19 Tech Giants Including Twitter, Meta, And Microsoft Subjected To EU's Landmark Online Content Rules

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