Newly Launched Bipartisan Senate Bill To Ban Children Under 13 From Social Media

A group of American bipartisan senators has put out new legislation that is designed to offer protection to kids from all the dangers that come with social media usage.

The act which is dubbed, ‘Protecting Kids on Social Media’ has gotten a lot of widespread attention as it sets the minimal age for using social media as 13. This includes apps like Instagram, TikTok and Facebook. Therefore, those falling in the 13 to 17-year age bracket would also be required to have parental consent, the lawmakers explained.

The news comes as a little controversy did arise regarding the age of 13 being too young for using social media.

Meanwhile, such a bill is set to ban leading social media platforms from putting out recommendations through the use of algorithms for those below the age of 18. Similarly, it would force firms to add measures for age verification and provide instructions for pilot projects. This is in terms of a government-given system for age verification that such apps may use.

Under these new laws, the FTC and state attorneys may be provided with the authority to force such provisions of the bill. Remember, big tech has really gotten about making the lives of young people so different, not to mention the great dangers that some content brings and the disturbances it causes to them.

So many parents continue to feel helpless as children suffer and they could cause heartbreaking tragedies that could have been prevented if early intervention to curb the problem was sought.

This is why many senators are not thinking twice about this law as they feel it’s not only urgent but common sense to prevent such sufferings from arising in the first place because teens are using social media at an alarming pace.

With such simple and straightforward guidelines, the next generation of children can be provided with things that every parent would wish for and that is the ability to grow up in a healthy ad safe environment.

Other senators mentioned how they really did think a lot about this legislation and how it was so essential for them to take a moment and brainstorm what it is that parents wish to teach kids regarding this social media tool. Is it for their benefit or for their harm? And that’s when they thought it was time for intervention and the urge for such controls to be in place.

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