Twitter Receives Warning From EU As App Sees A Rise In Kremlin Disinformation And Spread Of Malicious Influence

Yesterday we saw the EU step in and highlight 19 top tech firms who will be subject to its Digital Services Act and Twitter was certainly a part of that list.

Now, we’re hearing more about how the tech giant is also facing a great amount of criticism regarding Elon Musk’s change in policies that are allowing disinformation to spread at a fast pace.

In particular regards is the amount of Kremlin propaganda on the app that was once barred but Musk opted to free the Twitter accounts, causing the problem to multiply. His justification was free speech and how users were smart enough to make the right decision and believe the truth instead of thinking each thing printed on the platform was accurate or authentic.

But he might have made a huge error as the app is now getting warnings regarding the great amount of propaganda of Russian activists supporting the Kremlin and spreading lies at an alarming pace.

The Commission is not wasting its time in reminding Elon Musk how such behavior would not be tolerated and it’s about time he opted to make the right choices or face the consequences of not standing on the right side of the DSA that is soon to come into effect.

Breaches of the law could result in huge financial penalties and that entails nearly 6% of the yearly global turnover. And if we look at figures from 2022 for Twitter, fines like this could add up to several hundred million dollars which Twitter might not appreciate, considering its ongoing struggle to get back advertisers.

The news comes after several tweets were published today by the VP for EU’s values and transparency. She sent out a bold warning of how Twitter continues to display negativity and is accusing the app of not making room for digital information space to be a free and secure environment as the pace at which the malicious influence of the Kremlin continues to spread is alarming.

The tweets gained support from an AP report that entailed research by a UK-based non-profit firm called Reset. It is famed for tracking all sorts of propaganda activity and it was bold enough to declare how Musk’s change in Twitter’s policy is causing this to take place.

The tech billionaire has opted to get rid of restrictions against all state-backed accounts from nations like Iran, China, and Russia. This includes allowing the amplification of algorithms linked to this type of themed content.

Moreover, the research sheds light on how such propaganda saw a visibility boost as Elon Musk’s decision to get rid of such labels appears to be in a reverse decline of followers for such types of questionable accounts.

Therefore, many critics are looking at this as a sign of how Twitter is not keen on respecting its own commitments regarding the Code that provides no tolerance for disinformation. And if they were in line to respect such laws, they would not be engaging in this behavior as it would further have issues with complying with the Digital Services Act.

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