Elon Musk Unveils A Long List Of Interesting Features For The Twitter App And Here’s What To Expect

Elon Musk is setting out a long list of plans and changes for the Twitter app and we thought it would be great to share the news with our readers on what to expect.

For starters, the company may be in the works of getting back its Vine and Fleets. The app’s chief has hinted for a long time that it was bringing back such elements and today, the tech billionaire says that they’re bound to be reanimated at a later stage. But he failed to disclose when exactly it would occur.

But the major question is whether or not it turns out to be a major hit. Remember, considering how the Stories Fleet was shunned had to do with how there was a decline in interest from users who failed to pay heed to it after the launch.

The same can’t be said for Vine as it really went on to become a great addition, adding sweetness to people’s memories. Still, the whole thing is very questionable and we don’t see them turning into a major focal point, just like they were in the past. After all, there must be some reason why they were removed.

Vine turned into a popular venture at one point in time thanks to the rise in demand for the app with nearly 200 million users across the platform in 2015. But under the leadership of Elon Musk, we don’t see how things can be any more different than what it is right now.

Musk is on the search for ways to make more money through Twitter after a decline in response from advertisers that just don’t feel the urge to return. But perhaps he could be up to something with these elements, turning them as an incentive to better focus on energy regarding tweets.

Elon’s focus now appears to be on the app’s creators and giving them more extensive tools to make and share different kinds of content, thanks to their audience.

Moving on, Twitter is making more unsurprising decisions as it could soon add creator subscriptions as an exclusive feature for all of those paying Blue Subscribers only.

A recent set of screenshots put out by a leading app researcher named Nima Owji proved how it would now only be up for grabs for those jetting out $8 each month for the app’s subscription. It’s almost like making advertisers sign up for the Blue feature, truly an odd ordeal.

Imagine paying the app just so you can attain payments from the app.

The platform’s new creator subscriptions venture is known as Super Follows which was launched in 2021. It is designed to allow users with around 500 followers to start making money through the app’s presence through exclusive content for those that pay.

This program was first solely reserved for those having more than 10,000 followers but the new variation will now provide more users of the platform the chance to generate revenue from such content online. This is if they are able to set out more appropriate add-ons.

Through the new offering, Creators can charge users anywhere between $3 to $10 each month to attain access to exclusive content. And for the first year, all of the money goes solely into the creator’s pocket.

But the only difference now is that they would need to add $8 each month for the Twitter Blue subscription too.

Last but not least, the app says it’s figuring out a way to allow users with free Blue Subscriptions a chance to cancel them. They would be directed to a support page on the Twitter Website that could guide them. We find that interesting, what about you?

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