TikTok’s Future Is Questionable As Platform’s CEO Appears In Front Of The US Senate

The future of the leading social media app TikTok remains uncertain after the app’s head Shou Zi Chew made an appearance in Washington DC today to convince the country’s House Committee about its innocence.

While there are yet to be any real discussions on what exactly was said and the types of responses that came his way, it is believed that he did make it very clear how all allegations put against the company were false.

Some queries were outlined as vague but Chew really went into this with a big smile on his face and plenty of optimism. His responses were detailed to be very precisely worded and things that were deemed to be difficult to answer were put off for later.

All in all, the outcome was detailed to be passionate about the app and it was designed to address huge concerns that American lawmakers have been having for so long. Moreover, the major issue here is related to data belonging to Americans getting shared with officials in China.

TikTok was seen giving out answers on different aspects linked to the app’s previous actions such as censorship, how the app gives out data when tracking journalists, and most importantly, what measures the platform takes to protect the youth.

For most of the entire endeavor, the CEO was working hard to pull away from different queries and those that were hard to answer were requested for time to investigate. Other reports revealed how he was not overly convincing or did not give out too much assurance in terms of winning the hearts of American senators.

When he was put on the spot about if the platform’s parent firm took part in spying on Americans in the past, he added that spying was just not the correct term here for description. Moreover, he similarly questioned American firms keeping a check on citizens when questioned more about ByteDance’s behavior.

That is certainly fair but we don’t think it would have gone down too well with officials in the US.

As far as the closing statement was concerned regarding the CEO’s appearance, it’s been revealed that his bottom line of the argument was that American users’ data was stored on the country’s land by a US-based firm and regulated by personnel in the US too.

Photo: Jacquelyn Martin Via The Associated Press

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