Instagram Tests Full-Length Reels Playing Within Users’ Stories Stream

Instagram is working on another new and exciting feature related to its Stories and Reels endeavor.

The leading social media app owned by Meta is trying to figure out an innovative strategy that enables the integration of both Reels and Stories. It is a part of the app’s latest experiment that would see such Reels playing for longer within Stories.

An example was put forward by social media expert Hammod Oh that showed how some people are witnessing Reels of full-length across Stories in comparison to seeing just the initial 15 seconds and then pressing on it to see the entire thing.

This could be one other way to go into the popular Reels format as the head of Instagram mentioned recently how more and more individuals were sharing content through both DMs and Stories. And was in opposition to those resharing posts across the main feed.

Hence, this could be a great means to experiment with the growing trend of usage behavior while keeping users engaged for so much longer.

Today, Instagram Reels and those on Facebook are the company’s answer to making more revenue as they keep getting a lot of attention from users and make them stay on the platform for a longer period of time.

Meanwhile, one internal report arising from Meta revealed how this Facebook usage was going on since Q4 of 2022 and was driven mostly by consuming Reels. This has increased by 20% YoY. Similarly, we’re seeing a fall in the creation of original content through Meta’s apps as fewer people are putting up posts on both Facebook as well as Instagram like they used to in the past.

This actually gives rise to the fact that the time of users on these social media platforms is showing a shift to both consumption and exploring newer things. All credit goes to Meta’s ever-changing AI tools that help users get recommendations.

It’s also seen to bring in more people through a Reels display featuring content coming from both platforms.

While critics are criticizing the replica efforts for Meta, we’ve seen these things roll out so many copies of the functions on other leading apps like TikTok and even Snapchat. Clearly, this is proof that copying them will lead to a surge in engagement.

Whatever the case may be, adding Stories and Reels together is a sensible approach and it might even become a huge deal for creators.

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