New Poll Proves People Are Very Worried That Their Smartphones Have Ears

While advancements in technology are great, a new poll is bringing to light some very interesting information about how insecure users have become regarding their privacy.

The poll featured Americans who mentioned their concerns about technology eavesdropping and according to them, it’s not a great feeling knowing that your chats could be heard by your own smartphone device.

We have all seen evidence of how your newsfeed on social media is often full of ads related to things you’ve spoken about with others but yet have never searched online. It just makes you wonder how your phone can really read your mind.

Could there be some sort of a possibility that your device was listening and it gave data to advertisers? Trust us when we say that people are being targeted in a lot of ways and this just might be one of them.

Your device certainly hears you out when you make claims like Hi Siri or Wish Google and ask it to help you out. But other than that, we have not heard of anything else where the device actually hears you out. And there are smart speakers by other leading tech companies in the industry too.

But thanks to one poll, we’re seeing a lot of respondents mention that technology is making them super anxious. The research comes to us thanks to Digital Third Coast which is an expert in search marking.

It surveyed nearly 803 Americans last month to figure out how they felt about the concept of tech listening. And it was proven that the majority of users had great concerns regarding smartphones and different types of smart home devices.

It’s even more worrisome when you’ve got iPhone devices that arise with smart speakers.

Shockingly, only 13% of individuals thought about purchasing other phones that were dumb to rid away their woes and worries. Hence, you can see how convenience ends up conquering things like paranoia. And then the results also showed how 60% felt that tech listening goes on to the ability of the government to carry out tracking.

It’s more the younger generation that is worried but even 40% of the boomer generation have stated some mighty concerns in this regard.

The research similarly showed how the data was broken down as per state and the results were again different for different places. Both residents in New York and California are concerned about the Alexa voice assistant spying on them while in Virginia and Texas, people were worried that they would go off the grid.

But as per recent statistics by Google’s search trend, there was one thing that people were super worried about the most. And it was linked to how simple it is for firms to attain the geolocation of users. And they’re not only getting it but making use of it as well. And that’s a huge tradeoff when your device turns out to be your main GPS device too.

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