TikTok In Trouble After America’s Foreign Affairs Committee Gives President Biden Power To Ban The App

The latest developments regarding TikTok’s fate in the US are not proving to be in the Chinese-owned firm’s favor.

Today, the American Foreign Affairs Committee was seen mentioning how it would be providing President Joe Biden with full power to ban the platform in the country. But that is only if the American head of state deems it to be necessary.

The news comes as there are more growing concerns related to security discussions on its potential connection with the CCP.

We already saw the White House speak about how the app has been banned on devices owned by the government or state officials. And that was seen expanding to all 30 states. Right after that, we saw a similar move being adopted by the likes of the European Union and Canada. They’re following in American footsteps as the number of tensions between China and the US keeps growing, thanks to the current conflict in Ukraine.

China seems to be showing more support for Russia with some speculation of it empowered the nation with more weapons that would really wreak havoc in Ukraine. And let’s not forget the news linked to American forces shooting down a potential spy balloon sent into the country by China who refuted such claims. Instead, they ordered the country to return back the property that it says was not designed for any kind of surveillance purpose.

TikTok has really been in the limelight due to such behavior and the platform continues to be under great review and scrutiny for nearly two years now. But by the way, things are going at this point in time, a complete ban can arise at any given moment as more discussion arises right now.

The news is alarming and the TikTok app was seen issuing a statement on the matter. It gave President Biden the chance to go ahead with a ban but obviously, the Senate’s permission is needed for the ban to get signed off before it can come into effect.

But we see this as being one that’s another step forward to a complete ban in the US or perhaps the arrival of many changes the company would need to move forward with if they want to succeed.

For those that may not be aware, TikTok has been in the talks of being banned since the era of Donald Trump who ordered the complete shutdown in the region. But not a lot of heed was given at the time regarding the privacy issues linked to TikTok. The US seems like it wants to keep the app in a fairly dark place but another option could be seeing a new management leading the app as compared to going completely dark during this period.

A lot of critics claim the spy balloon incident is one of the major reasons why we’re seeing such major turning points arise during this time period in the US against TikTok. The country really sees it as a huge national threat and is not willing to risk anything.

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