Canadian Government Workers Asked To Delete TikTok As White House Gives Agencies 30 Days To Impose Ban Against The App

Things are not looking great for TikTok as the leading social media app is being ruled out as a threat to government employees in Canada and the US.

An official statement was sent out by the head of the Canadian Treasury Board. He says that all employees working in the government must delete it from official devices. Moreover, the justification provided had to do with a huge level of risk attached in terms of both privacy and security.

They feel it is the best precaution considering the high levels of threat linked to such apps collecting information from the government via mobile phones. In the same way, the statement went on to add how TikTok on such mobile phones gives rise to a type of data collection protocol that provides great access to content located on that same device.
There was no indication mentioned about the platform compromising private data yet but the risk is high to the Canadian population and that’s why such respective measures are now coming into place.

On the other hand, the representative of TikTok Canada says the news is a huge disappointment as there was no move to discuss the matter with the company first.

But this is just one of the recent decisions taken by the government regarding the ban of TikTok on respective mobile phones. A similar decision was brought into place by the respective Europen Commission which informed all staff members to delete the application by March 15 on all devices owned by Government employees.

Similarly, the US Congress also spoke about some efforts made to ban the app across the nation and not only on devices owned by employees.

Yesterday, the White House told government agencies that they had just one month to make sure the leading app was removed from the entire system as well as devices owned by the government.

A memorandum would also be issued in this regard to make sure all vendors keep data owned by US officials safe and sound by getting rid of TikTok across the respective system.

But as one can expect, the news is not making TikTok happy. In fact, it’s giving rise to reports that it feels get instigated by the likes of misinformation with little to no truth attached.

In December of last year, we saw Congress vote to ban employees in the Federal Government from having the app on their devices. Similarly, it gave the current Biden administration a period of just two months to provide directives on this matter.

It is the latest crackdown against the app that is owned by Chinese parent firm ByteDance as many fear there is a huge national security threat looming where officials in the government may end up spying on US citizens.

Moreover, the country’s chief of Security mentioned how these are the necessary measures required to make sure the digital infrastructure in place is as safe as can be. He also said the country would do whatever it takes to make sure the security, as well as the privacy of the American population, is as safe as possible.

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