TikTok Rolls Out New Tools To Protect Teens From Excessive App Usage

TikTok is not only a leading social media app in terms of entertainment but also one that is famous for protecting its users online.

The leading tech giant is opting to include more safeguards that protect younger audiences from using too much of the app which it feels can be harmful to health.

The latest rollout of features comes in the hopes that it would help teens and other family members to make sure they can keep themselves more organized and manage daily tasks including this aspect. After all, the world of social media has turned into an integral part of all of our lives.

As we move forward, TikTok mentions how those below the age of 18 would be getting reminders on how much is too much for them and that is a part of the new default settings. Once that particular limit has been exceeded, such users won’t be allowed to use the device further.

TikTok adds how the limit put forward is one that has come about after consultation with those in relation to the field of health and medicine at the Boston Children’s hospital.

Some experts feel that this change is not huge or significant and by looks of it, that might be the case. But breaking the vicious cycle is so important for young kids that are not aware of how dangerous all of this can be.

TikTok has further elaborated on this particular front how it hopes the new change would instigate others to make the right decision and healthier ones that would be good for the future.
Let’s not forget how the company is also taking another step for those below the age of 13. Such users require their guardian’s authorization and would be allowed to view the app with 30-minute sessions and breaks in between the respective increments.

The platform is working on reducing screen time for teens when the daily limit is exceeded with 100 minutes being the maximum per day. To make them more aware of the path they’re choosing, such users would get alerts inside inboxes that feature the minutes watched so far on the app.

As you can imagine, these are some great additions for those that really want to keep a check and balance on their health and prevent excess social media which studies prove can be detrimental to health.

The more that you are aware of how much screen time you’re consuming, the better you can stay in touch with your daily activities.

These new sets of tools are definitely welcoming as they’re super addictive while watching online content. But with that being said, we must mention how there are so many questions about TikTok and other tech giants regarding if they really do care. Another theory is that they are trying to please regulators that are out to get them.

Remember, so many regulators are working hard to allow for a complete ban on TikTok by showcasing how negative and harmful it has the tendency to be. And that coupled with the app’s already trending privacy concerns may result in complete disaster.

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