New YouTube CEO Puts Forward His Exciting Vision For The Platform’s Future

In case you did not know, Neal Mohan is YouTube’s new CEO and he’s arriving into his leading position with a bang.

Fully prepared to take on the many challenges involved, Neal is now laying down his vision of where he sees the app in the future. This entails a long list of tools for monetization and assisting creators with expressing their thoughts.

Additionally, he hopes to bring forward some more exciting developments like YouTube TV advancements, podcasts, and more happenings linked to the world of AI-powered technology.

For starters, Mohan mentioned how it’s his goal to allow the app’s creators to generate more funds. After all, only if they have a great incentive running in their favor would they be willing to stick to the platform in the future. Remember, no one wants to work for free, especially in today’s testing times.

Mohan was seen releasing a statement on the matter where he says there are literally hundreds of thousands of user channels that made a lot of funds on the app and that was for the first time since the previous year.

Now, the goal is to work more on that aspect and give outside creators the chance to expand subscriptions and invest more in the likes of shopping as well as enhancing digital tools.

In the past year, Mohan adds that nearly 6 million individuals benefited as they got more and more opportunities to make money other than through the usual ads business. They hope to expand further on that note and include more subscriptions, invest in e-commerce, and enhance the digital goods on offer.

Youtube showed how the number of paid subscriptions was also increasing each year and that is a wonderful finding.

Remember, one of its biggest achievements has to do with paying out $10 billion annually to all of its creators and most of it is linked to shares of ad revenue. Moreover, YouTube is now extending that further to its Shorts feature, and this way, it hopes creators can make more money as ad-related shares would be equally distributed to those deserving Shorts makers. This is related to the view count.

Such strategies are truly working well in the app’s favor as creators are leaving the likes of TikTok and Instagram to come to YouTube as monetization is definitely going strong here.

Mohan’s early-day initiatives have a lot to do with monetization because he knows this is what creators want at the end of it all. But that’s not the only front that YouTube is prioritizing.
The company hopes that its new feature of allowing creators to include audio tracks in different languages in their content can really give more chances to the biggest audience reach.

It’s just too early right now to see how this would fair out in the near future. But we do hope it all goes down well for the company because there are a lot of promises being made and people are having high hopes attached to them. What do you think?

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