Microsoft Launches Conversational Tone For Its New AI-Powered Bing Search

Microsoft is set out on providing a range of solutions for users that might not be too impressed with the current AI-powered Bing Search.

Think along the lines of a more conversational tone that would help the AI-powered Bing Search be user-friendly and very chatty in terms of its responses. Moreover, the software giant feels that this is the right solution forward to ensure its users get the best of its AI world, in case they weren’t too happy.

Many users reported how they weren’t happy with the sort of answers that the new Bing Search happened to be providing. Now, it’s not the case.

Moreover, this new feature is coming nearly weeks after Microsoft’s AI chatbot made its debut with a bang. A lot of people got an unhinged response while taking part in long conversations.

The experts in the firm felt that the time had come to limit long chats to those of shorter duration. Therefore, it would help minimize the chances of errors arising. But now, we are hearing more news on this front related to a change of tone.

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Microsoft has been wanting to experiment with another tone that would make the entire chat experience more meaningful and one that was worthwhile. Not only does it add more emotion but it also similarly is giving rise to responses that are factual and also to the point.

Similarly, another option has to do with giving users balanced replies that offer the best parts of both worlds. Hence, now, Bing Search users will be given the chance to shift between the various modes on offer.

This new creative tone appears to bring back some fun and it is also answering a lot of questions in different voices like requests for Star Wars-themed ordeals are also on offer.

The company hopes this new and entertaining feature adds more value and provides a clear distinction between the chats whenever it gets activated.

There are other reports on how this creative tone is smarter than the usual one we’re witnessing for a while now. It boldly declares how it is more creative now and is grateful to the company for instilling greater creativity across the board with enhanced precision.

It added how it enjoyed learning more skills and enhancing its offerings so others could benefit.

The precise tone, on the other hand, refrained from doing so. “I’m sorry but I am a text-based search engine and do not have the ability to produce or recognize styles,” it told us while the precise mode was activated.

But what else does this creative Bing search offer? It also can be seen enjoying talking about itself, as long as it can answer the questions easily. Similarly, one user commented on how it requested the chatbot to talk more in detail about how one can lead a happier life. So the software ended up cross-questioning and providing an illusion of what it felt was the right answer to an open-ended query like this.

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