TikTok Begins Testing New Way By Which Users Can Reset Their For You Page From Scratch

If you happen to be a part of the bunch that is tired of videos popping up across users’ For You page on the TikTok app, then you’re in for a treat.

There is an excellent way through which users can hit reset, thanks to the platform conducting a new test that’s bound to be worthwhile.

The firm says it’s working on a feature dubbed Refresh as per a recently published statement by the company’s spokesperson. She says that it would enable videos to be surfaced, depending on how you make use of the app after clicking on the designated button.

This feature is handy and is designed to assist those tired of seeing the same thing circulate over and over again with time. After all, who wants to see monotonous things pop up on feeds if they’re not entertaining or lack that relevant factor?

This particular test is designed to start in a few days and would only be up for grabs to a small number of people at any given time.

For a while now, how the app continues to customize users’ ‘For You’ page is a topic of much controversy. It’s a secret that other apps have been trying to figure out for a while now because TikTok is the world’s leading app.

TikTok stands guard when it comes down to unveiling the secrets of its success. But other companies want to know more about its recommendations algorithm and how it manages to nail it each time.
In January, we saw the company speaking to Forbes that a few of its employees were able to rightly guess the scale and make a few videos go viral through a process called heating.

The company adds how such features are designed to give users a better understanding of how the algorithm functions and how it drives the entire app experience. Then toward the end of last year, the company went viral with how it would soon be understanding why certain content had been recommended.

Therefore, during the start of 2022, the firm also ended up rolling out a few advanced settings for filtering out content. This would ensure users would no longer be seeing video content that was related to a particular theme, hashtag, or certain keywords.


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