TikTok Introduces New ‘Account Enforcement System’ For Creators To Boost Transparency

While TikTok may be one of the world’s leading apps, it does come with its fair share of flaws.

And in case you didn’t know, the platform continues to be called out for its lack of transparency.

For this reason, the company has opted to go down a new route that enables creators to get better knowledge about their accounts and why certain decisions are being made in or against their favor.

This has arisen in the form of an account enforcement system which entails a long list of changes that includes a new strike system and new features where creators can check if the content is getting blocked from the recommendations or not.

These changes arise at a time when there is a major push from the app to better transparency regarding how it chooses to handle content moderation and different kinds of recommendations coming from the app’s own algorithms. These are both linked to immense scrutiny by the country’s lawmakers, critics, and even some regulators.

In one blog post, the firm says this particular strike system is designed to highlight those accounts that come under the repeat offenders tag. They have an outsized impact on such platforms. Moreover, this new system also says that if someone opts to set out content that goes against their guidelines, it would be removed and the account would be set out as making a strike.

When the threshold of strikes increases for a particular feature from the app or its respective policy, that account would be banned on a permanent basis. Moreover, the firm says that users could also get banned after a single strike, considering their particular violation made is very severe.

These changes make TikTok’s new policy one that is more inclined to the likes of its fellow arch-rivals. Both Meta and YouTube are also making use of a similar strike system that is designed against those accounts that break rules and also through which every platform can set out new criteria for taking the number of strikes into consideration.

Remember, any penalties that come with this would also be looked at in detail.

In the same way, the firm hopes to provide more details about tools as offerings to its creator community. These would include those used to see if an account has had any strikes in the past three months or a 90-day period.

Moreover, you will find how this feature would live up to the new ‘account status’ component of the app’s Safety Center.

In other news, the claims it is busy adding the section of a new report where the users are given the chance to make some follow-ups of content that were reported.

TikTok is similarly on the edge to test out new features that deal with its recommendations feature. The first one is linked to notifying creators about one of their videos that were blocked from the platform’s page called For You.

This would be tested in a few select markets in the next few weeks and would enable users to know why it happened and how they would be given a chance to make an appeal against something that they don’t necessarily happen to agree with.

The second trial is going to be linked to a feature that enables users to reset the option of recommendations that is seen on the For You page. Those seen in a new test would end up clicking on the Refresh button for the For You feed. And that just provides the platform with a new start for the feed.

After getting a refresh, all the video content would surfaced in a pure manner with new interactions and activities that what a usual user would have spent time on interactions with.

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