Twitter Allows Creators To Start Earning From Tweets As Musk Proposes Charging Developers For Access To Its API

Twitter is giving creators the chance to start earning revenue through the likes of tweets on the platform.

The news is certainly exciting but we’d like to take a moment to announce how there is a catch attached. And that includes how those eager users keen on making money through the platform would be required to first attain the company’s premium Twitter blue subscription.

If you happen to be a creator and are curious as to how this whole endeavor would work, well, we’ve got news for you. Elon Musk is sharing how it’s all very possible through a series of small steps outlined via a recent thread.

He says that the more engagement that a post on the platform gets, the greater the advertising revenue that may be generated by creators. Moreover, Twitter Blue is costing $8 each month. And if you plan on subscribing via the iOS application, you end up paying a little over $11 each month.

Twitter hopes to provide users with small discounts if they end up paying the entire fee for the year and that would mean you get $1 off each month. Obviously, there must be more to just this than simply signing up for the subscription and getting great forms of engagement. This way, the app really hopes to attain the right support page so it can explain the ins as well as the outs of all this soon.

Additionally, this revenue-sharing news came with another announcement including how Twitter hopes to be charging all of its developers a small fee. Musk proposed the new change, claiming it was the right decision for those developers who wished to attain access to the firm’s API. Hence, that would no longer be for free, he adds.

At $100, developers would gain complete access. Moreover, Musk says that before, it was as if the app’s API was being taken for granted as it was for free by both opinion manipulators and bot scammers. With no check and balance in place, it was easy for them to do so many things wrong and there was no verification process in check, he adds.

Now, at about $100 a month, complete with identity verification, it would really be cleaning things up in a great manner. This proposal even outlined how the fee charges would begin as early as next week.

Musk says that Twitter’s data is among the strongest from around the globe and the company is very much committed to ensuring quick and detailed access so users can help work side by side in building a sturdy platform. For now, there were no other details provided on the matter.

Twitter has been setting out both free and paid packages for all users when it comes down to API. Their premium one costs between $149 to $2499 each month and that depends on the number of tweets that developer sends out.

Developers will be using the company’s API to come up with third-party services like Tweetbot and Twitterrific as other options. But such tools had to be shut down as the firm blocked access to the API during the middle part of last month.

Here, the information reported was linked to speculations about the application getting its access suspended as it failed to enable a rise in revenue. Meanwhile, some users of the tool claim that access to it being removed meant that they had no purpose of staying on the app and would like to leave.

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