New Image Leak Shows Microsoft Advancing Further With Plans To Add ChatGPT AI Into Its Bing Search Engine

It was only last week that software giant Microsoft went public with plans to strengthen its partnership with OpenAI and its respective ChatGPT tool.

Now, we’re hearing more news on that front, thanks to some recent image leaks on the endeavor by Owen Yin.

Yin has published screengrabs that display Bing attaining the new ChatGPT feature. This was witnessed on the Twitter app and also seen across pages on Medium too. Moreover, the researcher explained how he was also able to attain access to the likes of a preview option that thoroughly showed all of this, right before it had been removed.

Yin explained how the new feature in the form of the addition would be given a label of being the ‘New Bing’. And the normal bar used for search is going to get replaced by this huge white-colored box. This is where users add 1000 characters, which is the designated limit by the firm. At the same time, the researcher shed light on how the latest version of this platform would have the luxury of attaining information from more recent data as compared to ChatGPT’s older version, which could only get data from 2021.

On the other hand, another great feature worth a mention was linked to search results and how users will witness links showcasing where exact data for answers to their questions were extracted from. This way, users have a clearer picture to see whether or not the data obtained through the likes of this tool is actually accurate or not.

Similarly, the feature would enable websites to attain traffic and gain hits from the likes of the Bing search engine.

For now, Bing’s utilization of the ChatGPT would enable users to do more than simply answer queries as per the researcher’s claims based on these new findings.

For instance, you could request it to come up with poems and even short tales. Moreover, the chatbot would also be programmed to ask users some follow-up queries too.

But the usual transitional answer given by the Bing search engine is not going anywhere. They would still be up for grabs and users can switch from the older variants to the newer ones, as per their liking, thanks to the option for toolbars.

Users need to ensure one important aspect and that’s linked to how the researcher is making all of these claims based on assumptions thanks to early access attained to the new version of the search engine with ChatGPT features. Therefore, nothing is final yet and it’s very possible that none or only some of these findings end up arising in the platform’s final version that’s up for grabs to the public.

As time goes by, we hope to see more information arising on the matter soon as the entire Bing makeover will supposedly be huge.

As far as going live is concerned, that would be taking place soon too for the public so stay tuned.

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