Employees At Google Are Criticizing The CEO For His Impromptu Announcement Of Its AI Chatbot Bard

It’s not a surprise anymore that Google is planning a launch its own AI chatbot called Bard.

The news was confirmed last week by the firm’s CEO himself who says the release date is not known yet but a wider release to the masses can be expected soon. The company adds that they’re still conducting an internal test at this moment in time.

Meanwhile, staffers turned to publicly bash the company’s leadership for rushing and not thinking before making the news about the rival chatbot’s release. They felt it was not handled well and it might prove to be a costly mistake in the long run.

Staffers were witnessed trying to express how they felt on the matter and called the move botched while memes regarding the situation started showing up online.

Some people feel it was a poor attempt by the CEO in trying to tell the world that it was still in the race with others in terms of its own offering. Remember, Microsoft has already gone public with its Bing chatbot and now, all eyes are on Google’s release.

On the other hand, Google recently mentioned during their live stream event on Thursday how exactly the chatbot technology works. But during that time, we saw Microsoft come forward too and put out its search engine while sending out invites to others to come and see how it all works personally.

During this period, we saw Google sharing some slides and a detailed explanation of how Bard works and what it’s capable of. Those tuning in were even expected to listen to more and some workers were not aware that such a program had been scheduled in the first place.
Clearly, there was a lack of organization and Google knows it. Meanwhile, some users turned to the likes of Twitter to highlight how one ad for the new offering was giving out incorrect information about the likes of a telescope. And that just raised eyebrows on how reliable such chatbots may end up being.

But the jokes continue to roll in and most of them are blasting the firm’s CEO Sundar Pichai for jumping the gun and taking the wrong path for a potential release.

People dedicated posts at Pichai, adding how his launch and the firing sprees he was engaged in were just uncalled for. They urged him to take notice before it was too late. And that’s when many others agreed and hoped the CEO would resort to long-term outlooks to better keep others happy.

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