Twitter Limiting Free Access To Its Data Spells Trouble For Researchers

A lot of what happens in the world of social media stems from the fact that Twitter allows free access to information from its platform to others.

It’s been a part of the company’s policy for quite some time now and many of us have been making use of the data for years, free of cost. This is what has made the app an absolute treasure trove for those eager to study the world of online behavior and trends.

From falsehoods to various types of conspiracy theories too, the app does have it all. But now, researchers are expressing great concern as they might not be getting the type of statistics and data that they had hoped for.

Top researchers recall how Twitter ended up dominating the field of research between 2010 and 2015. There were so many people that had access to it. Be it online behavior patterns to various crises, not to mention the entire dynamics and concerns linked to disinformation, there was just so much up for grabs on the app.

But among the latest change that the world of social media has brought forward since Musk took charge, the app mentioned boldly last week that it’s going to begin charging its users around $100 each month for utilizing data beginning February 13. But that would come with an exception. Those people that send out fewer than 1500 tweets each month would be exempted.
For now, the firm failed to outline how many tweets users would be allowed to set forth with this $100 monthly level. But if you do need this sort of access, then you’ll definitely have to pay for it from your own pocket.

This just keeps on adding more costs to those running so many accounts on an automated basis. Remember, plenty of bots set out scams with propaganda and then there are some who aren’t as useful or entertaining for others.

Whatever the case may be, things are really shaking up on the platform and it now appears that Elon Musk’s desire to get rid of bot armies is coming true.

Last week on Thursday, Twitter mentioned how it would be paying for the like of API usage without detailing more about prices and exceptions. But that is when bot watchers claimed there were some that they loved and weren’t up to the usual nonsense. This type of feedback also came from Musk who recently stated that people providing some great content would enable access that’s free of cost.

If some bots were allowed to stay, many questions what stance researchers hold in this regard. Why aren’t researchers being provided with some respite like the rest?

Moreover, these researchers are going to be stopped from using APIs for their studies which they’ve been doing for years. Is that even fair?

The news comes at a time when American lawmakers feel Twitter should be making the app more accessible and easier to reach out to. Instead, it appears to be taking a step back in terms of transparency and the decision isn’t being loved for obvious reasons.


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