Battle Between Google And ChatGPT Heats Up As Search Engine Labeled ‘Lethargic Search Monopoly’

The battle to reach the top of the AI ladder continues to heat up as many tech giants enter the race.

The most notable offerings are from Google and Microsoft who have gone public with their AI chatbots. The latter has even begun a release to the public with figures showing a soar in popularity at the App Store.

Google is still busy testing out its invention internally with no plans for a release anytime soon. But as we speak, there has been a heated exchange of words between Google and the makers of ChatGPT, OpenAI.

OpenAI’s CEO has slammed Google as a lethargic search engine monopoly that has trouble seeing others succeed. Moreover, Altman spoke more in detail about how positive of a finding it was to learn about Microsoft’s integration into AI.

The new Bing search engine that’s powered by AI is bound to hold more weightage and power than ChatGPT as per experts’ predictions.

Remember, ChatGPT made headlines when it was called out for taking part in a range of functions like writing essays and providing advice for coding. Similarly, it can answer questions to the point in a more clear manner that has a conversational tone attached.

Clearly, the founder of ChatGPT has a lot of reservations with Google as he was witnessed talking about how Google really puts up so many limitations. It’s a major challenge to see how the world of monetization works and now a lot of it is restricted by the likes of advertising.

He continued to rave more about how there was this constant pressure that holds companies back and it was not a great feeling. Remember, Google issued a code red when ChatGPT began making a huge name for itself around the globe.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is more than happy with its current decision-making and the way things are going with its designated chatbot. The firm is outlined to be well-positioned to sell new technology and also has great plans to cash in on the endeavor.

Microsoft continued to speak about how things are very different from what they were twenty years ago.

Google mentioned yesterday that it would not be restricting AI content and would allow it on the search engine. But how exactly it plans on adapting to the change in technology, only time can tell.

Meanwhile, one spokesperson for the firm added how the tech giant is quite concerned about its dominant role in the search industry. In the past year, the company has really proven how 91% of the global market turns to it for search and related queries. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Bing only accounted for the likes of 3% as proven by data taken from SimilarWeb.

Therefore, the firm is ringing the alarm on the likes of ChatGPT. Ever since the newest version came out, there have been meetings galore as the threat to the search engine giant is huge. This was confirmed by a recent report published in The New York Times.

In the respective meetings, the company’s co-founders were also invited to help find a solution to the matter. Let’s not forget how the maker of Gmail claimed Google’s search enterprise was a few years away from complete disruption thanks to chatbots like ChatGPT.

And now, a rival chatbot in the form of Bard is Google’s latest venture. It hopes it can launch the endeavor soon but that comes with so much controversy. A recent demo showcased the chatbot making a major error regarding its factual information. And that caused shares to fall.

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