Google All Set To Begin Testing Its ChatGPT Rival ‘Bard’ With Wider Release In The Next Few Weeks

Google’s rival for the much-hyped AI-powered ChatGPT tool is finally here and it’s officially been dubbed Bard.

The company is all set to begin testing the feature on a low scale as revealed by an internal memo sent out by the Android maker’s CEO Sundar Pichai.

As revealed by several media outlets today, the CEO informed employees yesterday how the firm is going to need all the hands that it can get to test the rival offering. In the same way, he spoke about how the search engine giant would be required to attain assistance from several partners to experiment with an interface linked to app programming, also known as API. This would enable greater access to the same feature.

The news of the internal memo came just a short while after the CEO went public with the desire to allow the search engine giant to release its own tool powered by AI. He even went on to mention how there could be a launch in the next few weeks.

The search engine giant has reportedly faced a lot of pressure from the side of investors as well as employees in regard to offering competition to ChatGPT. The latter is the name allocated for a chatbot that is backed by OpenAI. It has taken the world by storm after a launch conducted in the latter part of 2022.

In the internal memo, Google’s CEO says that internal testing of Bard would begin next week so as to allow better shaping of the product before a wider launch occurs.

They are right now looking forward to getting all the feedback related to the product with a lot more details to follow up soon. Moreover, Pichai mentioned through a note sent to employees that more progress would be shared in this regard at the firm’s event scheduled in Paris in the following week.

Just last week, another report by CNBC spoke about Google setting out employees to prioritize a number of AI-based projects that are a part of its effort designated as code red. This is in response to competition in the world of AI and entails the Apprentice Bard which includes new features designed for search.

Meanwhile, software giant Microsoft is busy conducting a new launch of its own search engine Bing. This was believed to make use of ChatGPT which would answer queries of users linked to search. For this, the company is hosting its event Tuesday which would include participation from the owner of OpenAI, who are the makers behind ChatGPT.

Google’s CEO says it hopes to allow outsiders also enter and create apps and other offerings using the same sort of technology via the likes of an API.

They hope to kickstart the initiative as early as next week when they take new developers on board to experiment with language APIs that are powered by LaMDA, followed by more innovative models to come up soon.

The end goal here is to offer a suite of various tools and APIs to enable innovative apps using AI technology. For now, it’s not quite clear what Google’s rival Bard would be offering but it does seem like the new chatbot would be free ranging like ChatGPT.

Meanwhile, screenshots of Bard did showcase how users can ask all sorts of queries like ideas for event planning and how to cook a certain recipe for lunch. Clearly, Pichai has delineated it as the ultimate space for creativity and a way to launch more curiosity while making great new discoveries.

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