Google’s Search Engine Lead Issues Warning Against The Drawbacks Of AI In Chatbots

The man leading Google’s search engine is not staying quiet about the rampant popularity and success that comes with AI inside chatbots. But simultaneously, he wants many to know about the major drawback associated with it.

The news was recently confirmed through an article published in a leading newspaper on Saturday. Moreover, the timing was also set out to be rather interesting because we are talking about the likes of the firm’s parent Alphabet trying hard to produce competition against ChatGPT.

He called out a major flaw linked to AI-powered chatbots and gave it the name of hallucination. According to him, this is another name reserved for a solution that’s powered by AI and appears as real as possible.

But in reality, it’s just so made up but the fact that it seems so convincing has the world stunned. Therefore, one of the company’s leading tasks at this moment in time is to keep these at bay and prevent them from popping up frequently across a user’s search.

For those that may not be aware, Google has been constantly working behind the scenes, serving in the backfoot position of ChatGPT’s maker OpenAI.

Let’s not forget how Microsoft has heavily invested in the ordeal with a staggering $10 billion deal. And since then, ChatGPT is really wowing many people around the globe. And Microsoft’s new bing is expected to do the same.

The thing that many find interesting is how striking such responses are and how much they appear as if they’re produced by humans.

Meanwhile, Google introduced its own AI chatbot called Bard to the world at the start of this week. But now, it might be taking a step back before a major release, thanks to inaccuracies provided by an internal test that left several experts dumbfounded as to what is going on.

The fact that this was found in the tool’s promotional video says a lot and now, it’s costing the organization nearly $100 billion in terms of market value.

But the Android maker is not too worried. They say the tool isn’t ready and they’re learning from such mistakes so that a near to perfect approach is offered at the end to the masses.

The company says they do feel a sense of urgency to carry out a launch to wider audiences but with that comes a great deal of responsibility. And the goal from their side is to prevent any type of misleading event from taking place.

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