TikTok’s Fame Sparks Trouble In EU As App Could Face Stricter Online Content Rules

Have you ever heard of the statement, too much fame can spark controversy? If the answer is yes, then that’s exactly how experts are describing the current scenario of TikTok.

The app has reportedly exceeded the threshold designated for active users that were laid out by the DSA. Moreover, this now means it would be subjected to harsher online content regulations that the platform must abide by.

This report was confirmed by a leading executive from the company who went public with the news last Wednesday. Furthermore, the rules were highlighted as landmarks that take on a tougher stance against those companies whose active member count exceeds the 45 million mark.

Meanwhile, other requirements that need to be fulfilled included the likes of managing risks and conducting both independent as well as external audits. Similarly, they’ll now be forced to share data with the respective authorities and follow a strict code of conduct.

Any sort of violation of the policy outlined by the EU could mean huge fines that go as far as touching 6% of the firm’s global turnover. Meanwhile, several other online platforms as well as search engines are required to submit reports on their total user account by February 17.

This means the European Commission is now given plenty of time to differentiate those functioning on large scales versus those working on smaller ones based on this figure.

Speaking to Reuters recently, the director for the EU’s Public Policy highlighted how they’re expecting the current user base in the EU to meet a set array of criteria to see which firms are working on a large scale.

Based on that, the companies would be classified further. Let’s not forget how the popularity of TikTok has been soaring for quite some time now. In the year 2020, the app mentioned how its number of users in Europe overcame the 100 million target, which is quite an achievement.

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