New Study Shows How Much Your Data is At Risk in Windows 11 As Compared to Windows XP

The PC Security Channel conducted an in-depth analysis of network activity on two Windows installations using the Wireshark app. The first was a brand-new Windows 11 and the second was a 22-year-old Windows XP, both of which were clean installations. The results showed a stark contrast between the two operating systems when it comes to privacy.

Windows 11, the newer operating system, connected to many third-party servers and services as soon as it was installed without asking for the customer's permission. Most of these connections were for ad tracking, highlighting the company's focus on monetizing its customers. On the other hand, Windows XP, which many consider being one of the best Windows releases, showed a much less alarming picture. The only server it connected to out of the box was Windows Update, and nothing else. There were no connections to Google servers, MSN, Bing, or shady ad trackers, which shows a much more secure and privacy-focused approach to computing.

It's worth noting that Windows 11 has many more features than Windows XP, and as a result, it has a higher network activity. However, some of the servers and services in Windows 11 have nothing to do with computing and only serve to track and collect data for ad providers, which doesn't improve the user's experience in any way.

When you combine these privacy concerns with Microsoft's other products, such as Bing and LinkedIn, that increase their focus on showing recommended content ads, you get a pretty alarming picture of the company trying to make a lot of money. And the fact that Windows 11 is not a free operating system only adds to the concerns about privacy.

In conclusion, experiments like the one conducted by The PC Security Channel are an eye-opener for users, helping them to better understand the products they use and reflect on their evolution in the modern world. In a world where privacy is becoming a more pressing concern, users must be informed about what is happening with their data and how companies like Microsoft are using it. The results of this experiment are a reminder that users should be proactive in protecting their privacy, especially in today's digital world.

While Windows 11 has many great features, it's crucial to keep in mind the privacy implications that come with it, and whether or not it's worth sacrificing some privacy for convenience and added functionality. The PC Security Channel's analysis is a valuable resource for anyone who is considering using Windows 11 and wants to make an informed decision about their privacy.

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