Microsoft’s AI-Powered Bing Chatbot Soars To The Top Of The App Store

It has only been one day since we saw software giant Microsoft unveil its ChatGPT integration with its own Bing search engine.

In the same way, the company detailed more about the latest advancements to its Edge browser. But that seems to be enough for the software giant to soar to the top of Apple’s App Store as people can’t wait to grab their hands on the exciting offerings.

The tech giant outlined how the demand is high and keeps increasing as we speak for iOS users around the globe and US. This particular news was first reported by media outlet TechCrunch (DataAI) which outlined details about Microsoft’s great offerings in the world of AI-powered technology, thanks to its partnership with OpenAI.

It’s safe to say the interest of users is plenty and they can’t seem to turn away from the tempting offer by the software company. On average, the number of downloads arising at this point in time increased tenfold overnight. And that is pushing the app to make the top ten list of most downloaded platforms around the globe. Did we mention how much it’s loved because it’s free of cost?

At the same time, the app is being called out as the second most famous free-of-cost app in terms of productivity, just a little behind Gmail. On the other hand, let’s not forget about the new Edge browser which is also gaining great momentum by reaching the third position on the list in terms of handy utilities.

Remember, previous stats by DataAI went on to show how the app took the 160th position in terms of productivity and during that time, it was nowhere to be seen on the App Store or any other free apps list.

But how times are changing. Microsoft is really making its mark on the web by providing users with some great search experiences, thanks to the integration of ChatGPT. Remember, you don’t immediately get access to the tool. You need to join the waiting list before being granted access to smart technology.

For instance, when a user opens up the Bing platform across their iOS devices, they would be seeing banners that arise on the main page. This asks the users if they plan on joining the waitlist to make the most of the latest AI offerings.

The software giant says it really does wish to give more and more users the chance to download the new feature or make it a default across their PCs. And for that, they’re really working hard at turning this into one of their top priorities.

So far, millions of users are on the waitlist and they’re going to be invited slowly to experience the new realms of AI integration in the upcoming few weeks. Until then, we’ll keep you posted on what other exciting news and advancements regarding this release are going to entail. Hence for that, you need to stay tuned!

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